Character Files from the ToiBox 2: Bletsian ( an alter ego)- Stats


Bletsian-bkBasic Stats: Subject EC:GA 2- Bletsian

Full Name: Bletsian

Age: 200+

Sex: Male

Height: 7 feet from head to foot (other extremities not included in measurement)

Weight: 250 pounds

Origin: Possibly manifested from within Giovanni during puberty (suspected celestial being).

Language(s): English, antiquated Hebrew, Latin, and can learn any other Language he so chooses

Character Traits: cold hearted, but not evil; bold and honest speaker, very possessive and protective

Special Attributes: super human strength, night vision, wings (for flight), a warrior, super healing for self and others, almost invincible

Purpose In EC:GA: Unclear. He seems to be the ultimate hero Giovanni is incapable of being on his own.

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