WIP Update 01

WIPUHere’s my official first WIP update. I figured a weekly article like this will help to keep me accountable for my writing.

First, I am receiving a very positive response from my betas about the sequel to Eternal Curse. Even though I’m still waiting for a response from one more, everyone has said that they like it better than the other. So since I’m still waiting to send it off to my editor I’m starting to think of marketing strategies for it.

Also, I’m trying to get together with my artist to work on a new set of select images. What’s cool about the ebook versions of these books is that the images are optional. They are a part of the story via links so the reader has the option as to whether they want to see them or not.

Second, my little romance, “It’s Like the Full Moon” is coming along. I think this has been the hardest thing for me to write lately. Romance and contemporary fiction don’t come as natural to me as fantasy, but I really do love this story and feel I just have to tell it.

Since the last time I mentioned it, I finally decided to make the notions of a possible love triangle become a reality. Rebecca is torn, at the moment, between bliss and guilt as two wonderful men now openly woo and compete to be the last man standing. Rebecca has done all she can to avoid this situation, not wanting to be the kind of woman to date multiple men, but these guys just won’t leave her alone and are eager to compete for her affection.

Lastly, I have even gone back and looked at my notes for the adventure story I started so long ago. It’s not even a WIP yet; just lots of notes, but the notes are getting good. Right now I’m trying to decide just how far into the world of fantasy and adventure I’m willing to take this. So far I have a special sword, twin sons, lots of death, and the onslaught of war. There are no elves, dragons, or wizards in the story now, but there is a magical flare to it…a sense of the unknown or unexplained. I still have much more to think about. Maybe next time, I’ll have details from a completed outline to share.

Do you have a WIP update to share?

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2 thoughts on “WIP Update 01”

  1. Toi – I have wondered if it is good to have more than one project going simultaneously, but over time it seems to give you somewhere to go when one project stalls or just does not flow so well. I have not published a book yet, but 2013 will be the time I give it my full attention. I intend to follow you to glean from your experience.

    1. Thank for your kind comment…While everyone has their methods of production, I am just as you mention. I’m the kind who has to have several things going so I’ll always have something on when everything else is off. Glad to have you here at the ToiBox.

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