#WIP Update 21 #amwriting


So, writing is a tricky thing (in case you didn’t know). I’ve done quite a bit of writing as of late, but I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on any one story. (How is this possible you ask?)

Well, in the process of picking up stories I hadn’t worked on in ages, I found that my original vision for many of them has changed. This month, though, I just want to focus on my progress with the Saying Series 2 book. At the moment, the working title is “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

Since I’m bringing back all the characters from the first book but choosing to focus on one in particular, I had to figure out how to put my new (well, new to this installment) heroin at the center of the action or drama. Needless to say, there’s going to be loads of relationship issues and not all of them will be Lisa’s fault (she’s matured since book 1).

So here’s the basics of what I’m working with. Lisa and Teddy are working to keep a spark in their relationship as they both continue to excel in their careers, which kinda pulls them away from each other. Between Lisa and Rebecca, someone has to get pregnant soon so Sarah Rapture can have a grandchild. Paul, Alex, and a few new comers are back on the dating scene and it’s a little scary (some of Lisa’s life lessons will come in handy here). And while I’m sure some will be put off by this, there will be race issues addressed (in case you didn’t know, Lisa is black… dunt, dunt, dunnnnnn! 😮 )

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll explain about some of the other stories I’m rewriting and or structuring another day. If you’re up for it, please check out my Reading Challenge Update.

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#IWSG August 2017: reading/writing/editing pet peeves & other #questions


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Monthly Question: What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

Since I really don’t like editing, mainly because I’m no good at self-editing, it’s all one big pet peeve to me. I don’t mind offering feedback on other people’s work, but self-editing seems like an oxymoron to me. To me, if I write something, I know what it’s supposed to sound like and look like, so I can’t see those places where the ideas in my mind and what’s on the screen or paper don’t match. I really don’t like editing.

In terms of writing, my pet peeves are interruptions and inquisitions. It drives me crazy when people won’t let me write. It’s hard enough finding those magical moments when you are motivated to write and actually have the time only to be trapped by someone else’s need to chit-chat after ages of silence. I swear it happens every time. Then there are those times when you’re writing something and people want to talk to you about what you’re writing, or they want to watch you work and get inspired or any number of annoying things to show that they are all of a sudden interested in your writing when they’ve never cared before.

As far as reading goes, while most people will go on and on about style, voice, and p.o.v., the biggest pet peeve I have is when the author has treated the reader like a simpleton. It drives me crazy when authors explain things that don’t need to be explained. I think I do this myself sometimes and I make myself so mad when I do. Gotta work on that.


Now on to the personal updates.

I’ve been sick, again. I’m always sick, but as long as I’m not in the hospital it really isn’t that bad. I’m used to it, but it does make keeping up with schedules and plans difficult. I’ve also been losing my battle with depression lately. At least I can say that now; I’m currently in a better place. It’s what I call the bounce back. It’s difficult to talk about depression with people who don’t suffer from it because it’s an entirely different thought process; it’s emotional and it’s messy. Most people avoid those who even mention depression, which is why I rarely talk about it. But since I’m doing better at the moment and will, prayerfully, stay that way, I figured it was important to put it out there in case someone is feeling all alone in their struggle.

On a lighter note, I’ve been keeping up with my YouTube channel pretty well, but I’ve realized that I won’t grow a large following with it. With my efforts split between this and other blogs and YouTube, there’s simply no way for me to put the time and interaction into it that would take for effective growth. At this point, it’s just something else I like to do whether others join me or not.

I’ve been writing quite a bit, though I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. Still, it feels good to be writing on a regular basis. I’ll talk more about it in my WIP update on Friday, where I’ll mention how my last public appearance, for a while, went the night before. I’ll be attending “Meet the Authors” at the Central Library in Virginia Beach. At least I’ll get to show off my new business cards.

If you have a moment, I’d love for you to visit my CURIOUS QUESTIONS page and offer your two cents on the question being asked. Thanks bunches.


So, what are some of your read/write/edit pet peeves?
Any issues you want to talk about?
Any advice for my library appearance?


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Return of the #WIP Update 20 #amwriting


Well, it’s been a rocky road getting here- posting my first WIP Update in ages, late. Oh well. My plan was to post a wip update or reading challenge video the first Friday of the month and since I posted my Reading Challenge Update video with my IWSG post on Wednesday, today is all about the wips.

Just for clarification, I didn’t forget to post this, I mean not exactly. I actually forgot what day of the week it was. For some reason, I thought there were two Thursdays this week. In any case, here’s what I’m working on.

The 3rd book in the Eternal Curse Series. It’s further in the future and the world hasn’t changed as much as people would like, but it is a completely different world. Oh, and it’s on the verge of complete destruction.

The 2nd book in the Saying Series. This time the focus is on Lisa and Teddy, the best friend and brother of Rebecca, the main character from Sayings 1, It’s Like the Full Moon. New characters will be introduced but they’ll simply find their place within the circle of friends that’s already established.

Solomon Sword (working title). I have no idea what the title of this story will be. It just keeps growing and expanding. I’m very intimidated by this project. This will be epic, if I can ever wrap my head around it. Been building the world for a while and need to settle on plot points.

We are Jardin (Touched by Oma 1). I see this being a two-part series. I thought it would be a simple novella, but the story kept growing. This is a new kind of fantasy for me and I’ve nervous about how it will come off. Almost ready for betas to test it out to see if I’m on the right track or heading for a complete rewrite.

I have several children’s books I’m working on including a story about a chef that’s done but needs to be illustrated and new adventures about my rescue dog, Margie.

I’m also working to finish and or polish several short stories that have been sitting around waiting to meet some beta readers.

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Bridges #WEPFF Challenge No. 5 featuring unknown title #amwriting #flashfiction

So, I’m on vacation and totally forgot to schedule this post. Also, I started working on it a few days ago and then forgot about it being too busy celebrating birthday month and working on a new blog project. This piece is unfinished and unpolished. My plan is to turn the segments into journal entries, but as you can see, I have a long way to go.

Well, all in all, I don’t think this is my worst work, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I look forward to seeing the other entries and thank Denise Covey and Yolanda Renée for yet, another, great challenge.

Unknown Title

Figie’s all the time going on about things as if he knows what he’s saying, but everyone knows he just hears things and repeats’em. I guess this time around, Figie heard something that no one wanted him to go around repeat’n.

So, here we are, running for our lives. Well, he’s running for his life and I’m trying to help’em, but as soon as others realize I’m help’n em, I’ll too be on the run. Been traveling by night and hold’n up during the day. Too many folks round here so dependent on solar power that life pretty much comes to a standstill come night fall. Sure folks use lunar power a bit, but none bother much to go out when everything inside is all lit up like it’s still daytime.

I hoarded a bunch of portable recharging batteries a few years back in case I ever decided to leave town and do some adventure walk’n. Folks just don’t adventure walk like they used to. I member people laughing at me for wasting space on old tech that probably wouldn’t work, but who’s laugh’n now?

I’m pretty much doing everything on my own to keep me and Figie alive. He’s a complete wreck; shake’n and twitch’n all the time. Spect’n someone to come punch’n out of the dark and kill’em in his tracks. Crazy thing is, after explain’n the situation, Figie hasn’t said another word. I have no idea what he heard that’s got folks com’n after’em.

Soon well be reach’n Pillar Peak. I figure, we could hold up there for a good while. One way up, no way down, and too cold for most to live. With us charging our batteries during the day and keeping a fire going all the time, we should be able to get by.

Food shouldn’t be a problem wit the way the fowls dip and dive all around. Most times you can’t even see the exact point of Pillar Peak ‘cause of all the swarm’n fowl. Wit the collapsible dome we been using for shelter and my skills with a sling, we’ll be just fine for a while.

Well, it’s been a full Lunar since we bunkered at Pillar Peak and not a soul’s come look’n for us. I’m thinking maybe Figie’s done lost it. It was fun for a while. Got to go on that adventure walk I always been talk’n bout, but now what. Just catch’n fowl, keep’n the fire, and sleep’n. Tonight Figie’s gonna tell me what this is all about or I’m break’n camp and head’n back wit or wit out’em.

Holy walk’n spirits are we in a terrible mash. No one’s come look’n yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Stupid Figie, hang’n around gathering other folks knowledge instead of learn’n his own. What a fool. To think he once had me believe’n you didn’t need to bother wit read’n and learn’n if you just pay attention to other folk. “Other folk,” he’d say, “they’ll teach ya e’er thing ya need to know, if ya just listen and be patient.” So, what happens when you learn something you don’t want to know… I’ll tell ya. You run for your life.

Stupid Figie. Hanging around the High Lord Scholars, all the time trying to sound smarter than anybody would believe him to be, found out where the Bridge is. Heck, he found out that it’s actually real. I mean, no one goes looking for the Bridge no matter how much wonder and power might be instore, ‘cause no one actually thinks it’s real. But foo on me, it’s real and Figie knows where it is. And they know he knows.

Now I’m twitch’n day and night just like Figie. He’s at least come back to his senses a bit and his help’n out. We’re alternating sentry duties. I’m still hunting all the grub, but he’s cook’n it and clean’n up after. Don’t really matter. Our nerves are so on edge, every pound we put on, we shake off in nerves. We won’t make it to the frost season; not up here. We gonna have to leave, but that’ll probably get us caught and killed. Seems no matter what we do or don’t do, we’re head’n to the Endless Ferry.


714 WIP- unkown title 2017 Copyright © Toinette J. Thomas
Seeking full critique.

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Toi Reads “We Are Jardin” #wip #sample #fantasy

For anyone interested, I’m updating the free short story that comes with my email list sign-up. I’m offering a story that’s only been offered previously in an sci-fi anthology; you can have Clepher’s Heart free when you join my email list.

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