The Art and Business of Attending Live Events by Toi Thomas at GoIndieNow

See what happens when you’re under the weather, you miss your own guest post. Oops! Please, go check me out over at GoIndieNow! I’m sharing some insights I’ve learned over the years, and from those further along than I am, concerning live events and hope you, at least, find it entertaining.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not the average writer, in more ways than one.

Since I’m here to talk about live events today, I’ll save you the shock and awe (an exaggeration) of listing all the ways in which I’m a little different and simply focus on the topic at hand. I realized that while, like most writers, I have introverted tendencies, my geeky nature has allowed me to overcome many of my social insecurities…
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#IWSG June 2016: Follow Through


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Thanks for stopping in today. It really means a lot, especially since I’m so insecure at the moment. This is probably one of the few times in my life that my anxiety is completely self-imposed. I haven’t done a good job a following through lately, which is not like me, and I’m afraid it may be too late. Whether there’s still time or not, I’m going to make every effort to finish what I’ve started. If I fail, hopefully I’ll at least learn something from it.

1) I’ve been meaning to start my author interview series again. I have several interested, but I’ve dropped the ball. I will try reaching out to the interested parties this week.

2) I’ve been blindsided in my priorities. I have several WIPs going, as do many writers, but I’ve become a little distracted with the task of attempting to illustrate 5 children’s books I’ve written. It’s all a matter of discipline and time management, but still…

3) I recently tanked on a very rare opportunity. I don’t really want to talk about it because I’m still very disappointed in myself. Part of me feels like if it was truly meant to be, I would have made it happen and another part of me feels like that the opportunity presented itself once, I’m willing to wait however long for it to present itself again. (I’m trying not to beat myself up too much even though I know I messed up.)

4) I’m hoping to finish the 3rd part of my Eternal Curse Series by the end of summer so I can start sending it out to betas (assuming I can find some betas).

5) I’m so looking forward to my summer vacation.


Have you dropped the ball recently?
Got any illustrating tips?
Any big plans for the summer?


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A Look Inside the ToiBox of Words: Newsletter


Hi there everyone. This is just a quick message to let everyone know that yesterday marked the first issue of the 2nd edition of my newsletter. I used to focus on networking and appealing to authors, but have since shifted my focus and now just like to share some things I like with my fans, friends, family, and colleagues who care to know.

Here’s the line-up: A Day In My Life, Something to Read, Cool Article, Videos, Short Fiction ,Monthly Poll and Prize!, Special or Important Updates when applicable.

The whole newsletter consists of headings and images; it takes about 90 seconds to review the whole document. Only if you like what you see and want to investigate more do you have click and explore. Here’s a look at the first issue, just because I like you all so much. Please consider signing up for my email list to stay up to date with book and authors news about me, to learn of special promotions and events, and to also receive my newsletter (optional). See side panel for details.  

Even though I’ve shifted the focus of my newsletter, I still use my email as a networking tool. Authors, bloggers, artists, and more if you are interested in networking, join my list and I’d be happy to get involved.

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Book my blast. Have a laugh. Enter to win! #bloggerswanted

Hello Blog World,

I’m putting together a very impromptu book blast for my Eternal Curse sequel, Eternal Curse: Battleground, from April 13 through April 17…but I’m doing things a little different.


For this blast I will not be featuring excerpts, interviews, or character profiles. Instead, I’ve put together a little You Tube miniseries starring a cute little dog to help build buzz, interest, and sales for this book. It should be a lot of fun and I’m hoping you’ll help me spread the word.

But wait, there’s more. As I mentioned in the title of this post, there is a giveaway involved. I’m offering a special and separate prize pack for any blogger who agrees to post the video/book blast to their blog. This blast will not only offer your subscribers some new, different, and entertaining content, it will also give you a chance to win my prize and more.

The giveaway, open worldwide, will consist of:
– one $25 Amazon gift card (USD)

Each blogger who agrees to post the video/book blast to their blog will receive:
– a free digital copy of either EC: Giovanni’s Angel or EC: BATTLEGROUND
– and 3 free “blogger only” entries into the big giveaway

On top of all that, participation is easy peasy. You sign-up here for a specific day, copy the code to your blog (you may alter as needed), and post. That’s it.

Interested? Don’t be shy.
Join the fun, tell a friend or two, and let the good times roll!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords