The Art and Business of Attending Live Events by Toi Thomas at GoIndieNow

See what happens when you’re under the weather, you miss your own guest post. Oops! Please, go check me out over at GoIndieNow! I’m sharing some insights I’ve learned over the years, and from those further along than I am, concerning live events and hope you, at least, find it entertaining.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not the average writer, in more ways than one.

Since I’m here to talk about live events today, I’ll save you the shock and awe (an exaggeration) of listing all the ways in which I’m a little different and simply focus on the topic at hand. I realized that while, like most writers, I have introverted tendencies, my geeky nature has allowed me to overcome many of my social insecurities…
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Do Facebook Groups Really Reach Readers? #read #books #author

groupquestionI created an event on Facebook that isn’t actually an event. It’s a question I’ve been wondering about after searching for groups to join. Please take a minute to answer the 3 questions posed. There are no strings attached or hidden agendas. I’d just really like to know what you think…Oh, and feel free to share it anywhere if you’d like. Thanks.

Also, this question will be open for most of the month.

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Where do you draw the line on content? #read #rating


This article contains mature themes.

Content is key, but what if you don’t have a handle on how to gauge content? This big issue I’ve been faced with as of late is how people interpret my promotional policy. My policy was static for about two years, but now it seems I have to update it every other month. On one hand, I’m not one to shy away from expressing my opinions, but I also don’t set out to offend people. On the other hand, I refuse to be made to feel guilty for not wanting to promote something that I’m just not interested in reading and or promoting.

As for what I read, I choose to read fiction that’s within my comfort zone, most of the time. How can I be expected to find an escape if I’m uncomfortable and frustrated with the content? And to be perfectly honest, I’m more open-minded about what I read, than many of the people I associate with. I have come across so many blogs and groups who refuse to review spiritual fiction, especially not anything religious or tied to a religious affiliation, and I have no problem with that. I don’t think these bloggers should be made to feel bad simply because they
choose not read something that makes them uncomfortable. However, when the tables are turned against any topic related to sex and or violence, people get mad and offended.

So here’s the big issue: what is erotica?

Heck if I know. I don’t read it, but I’ve read a few things I feel might be pretty close it and that’s one comfort zone I’d like to stay within. As an adult, I have no problem with anyone who reads or writes erotic stories. I even think some stories could use a little spicing up, but that doesn’t mean I want to be immersed in erotic language and images nor do I want to promote it. So all that’s left now is for me to decide how much is too much.


This would all be so much easier if there were some kind of industry standard, but there isn’t. Many will argue that some works are clearly Erotica, but what about all those that are “borderline.” I was recently faced with the challenge of trying to clarify my promotional policy by having someone compare the works, Fifty Shades of Grey and A Discovery of Witches. Taking into consideration that not everyone reads the same genres no matter how popular a book may be this comparison didn’t work; the author hadn’t read either of the books and hadn’t even heard of the latter. For me personally, I can scan the reviews of a book to get a feel for the content within, but we were in a bit of a crunch at that moment.

So now I’m felt looking back at my reading history and wondering where each book falls into my promotional policy. Have I read books that I actually wouldn’t promote?…Yes, and to be honest, I’ve never promoted those books. Some of them I didn’t finish and the few I did, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed… Maybe I should.

Now it becomes a matter of what I think Erotica is.

I’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’m pretty confident it’s too extreme for me, along with other such titles as: Insufferable Proximity and His Possession (books recommended if you like 50 Shades). I guess if the major selling point of the book is sex, that’s a pretty clear indicator. What about all those books that actually have a well-developed story along with a lot of detailed sex?


Take the book Outlander for instance. To me this book is borderline Erotica, but I have a feeling the Showtime series is pushing the limits of that (I’ve never watched it). I read this book because it was recommended to fans of time-travel and historical fiction; both accurate descriptions. However, this book contains a lot of sex and some of it is what you might consider “kinky”. This book was very uncomfortable to finish, but the beginning was so good and the actual story and characters so compelling, that I plowed forward and tried to skip over the parts I didn’t like. It was truly an incredible story, but it’s not a series I will ever continue simply because of the intense and graphic content I choose not to read.

Now consider the All Souls Series, specifically A Discovery of Witches. There is no way I would let anyone under 18 read this, but I’m not a parent and  it’s really not that bad. It’s quite simply very mature and meant for adult consumption. This is an 18+ read, but I don’t consider it borderline and definitely not Erotica… I am way off and suffering from a delusion? I don’t know, but this is how I see this. I don’t exactly write children’s books myself (yet 😉 ), but I must draw the line somewhere.

I often try to compare book content to movie content, but even that’s not so easy to do. I often ask people that if a book was a movie would it be rated R or NC-17, but that’s not always a good indicator. Many R-rated movies are released only after a 2 or 3 minute clip is either edited or cut to bring it down from the NC-17 rating, and many PG-13 movies seem like they could be rated higher. There’s simply no way to determine where exactly to draw the line. In writing it goes even further. As much time as I may spend trying to define “What is Erotica?” others are arguing over what’s the difference and limitations between Erotica and Pornographic Lit. I can’t even imagine where it goes from there.

So in conclusion, I guess I’ll continue to update and tweak my promotional policy and continue to please some while I offend others.

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Meet Glorie Townson: a pen name or alter ego? #author #reader

Hello there dear friends, fans, geeks, and more. Today I’m making a pretty big announcement, at least it’s big in the realm of The ToiBox of Words. As many of you have figured out, most of my writing leans towards the speculative. I write quite a bit in the genres of paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi while sprinkling in bit of romance and even faith. In keeping true to my passions and interests I’ve decided to implement the use of a pen name.

Now, obviously this pen name is not meant to be a secret, otherwise, why announce it to the world. The purpose of this pen or alter ego is three-fold. 1. It will allow me to easily distinguish my works and categorize them for fans of particular genres, freeing me to explore and try new things. 2. The use of a pen may help with getting my foot into doors I’ve never entered before because of the genres I’ve written in the past. 3. I’ve always liked the name Glorie and don’t currently have a story in mind for it, so why not get some good use out it.

So in case you missed it, Glorie Townson will be the new pen name for any works I publish in the future that do not fall in the categories of paranormal, fantasy, or sci-fi. In time I’ll create images and a complete separate online presence for Glorie, but for now, she’s simply getting a tab of her own.

The first book I intend to publish under the Glorie Townson pen will be the contemporary romance I’ve been talking about for ages and haven’t released yet, It’s Like the Full Moon. Let me stress the word “yet”, cause believe me when say, it’s coming.

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What do mothers think about reading? #MothersDay

This is a question I’ve asked of my friends and family, but have now decided to extend to any mother willing to share her option. I made a video asking three simple questions and asked mothers or mother figures to send me video, audio, or simply written answers to share with the world. I posted my video to Facebook hoping I’d get a response from those closest to me, but they are not the only ones liked like to hear from.

If you are interested in helping me with this project, you can send me your answers to the following three questions at If you’d like to see my video plea, click here to view it on Facebook.

1. Why or is reading important to you as a mother?

2. What book has inspired or impacted you as a mother or do you think other mothers would like?

3. If you could write a book what would you write: something autobiographical, something fictional, or something for children, etc…

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