Review: Insurgent

Insurgent (Divergent, book 2) by Veronica Roth

I give this book a 5.


I thought there would be more action in this one and there was…Oh and I was right about those crazy factions and their downfall and all that. Now I can’t wait to see what’s outside, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tris is at it again, being all sweet and moody and kick-butt all at once. I like this kid, but she has some serious issues. Four on the other hand doesn’t seem as wise and mature as the author projects him to be in the eyes of all the other characters, but I still like him too (He’s only two years older than Tris, not exactly a father figure).

So in this book we’ve figured out that all the smart people are trying take out all the selfless people and somehow everyone is just now acknowledging the sixth faction, which I was just waiting for all along. There aren’t a lot of surprises in this plot, but I like the way it is executed. The author has put ingenuity to test with the way she’s twisted her plotlines. The few surprises there are in this book, are more than enough to carry the rest of the story if anyone is having a problem there.

The whole theme of control (and mind control) in the book screams anti authority in some ways, but I also think it’s a cautionary tale about the problems with too much control. Apparently someone tried to create a perfect world that’s slowly falling apart and people are willing to kill to keep this failed idea a secret. I admit I have questions about where this story is going, but I was too wrapped up in the mental and physical battle between Tris and the Erudite to spend too much time worry about them.

If the first book was about keeping secrets and finding yourself, then this one is about revealing secrets and testing yourself (finding out if you are who you think you really are). I could say more, but there’s no point. I like this book whether it makes sense or not, and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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