4 Star Eternal Curse Review

Fiona of Fiona’s Book Reviews, March 4, 2014 (visit and or rate this review here)

What a refreshing change to read this book. It was so different to the books I have been reading lately and a joy to read.

This story almost reads like it was written many years ago. The language, the way it is written, and the storyline, could very easily be from times gone by.

I was drawn into the story immediately. We have two people meeting online, deciding to see each other face to face. This is something which happens all the time. But in this case one of those people is a doctor, the other is a man with unusual problems he needs help diagnosing.

The way the story progresses drew me in very quickly. Mira’s struggle to decipher Giovanni’s symptoms and past is an interesting one. And I loved the fact that we didn’t find out more till a lot later in the story. It kept the mystery alive throughout.

The friendship between Giovanni and Abraham is lovely. The way these 2 men have supported each other over the years is so nice. It is what a true friendship should be. Mira fits in well with both men, she doesn’t get in the way of the friendship. Instead it is enhanced by her presence.

I loved getting to the end and getting a little hint as to who the narrator is, plus the fact there is another book planned. If the next book is anything like this one I cannot wait to read it.


A new edition of this book is now available. 

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  1. A well deserved review for a great book. I too look forward to the next volume. This is a story with so much potential it could run and run. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

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