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I think I’ve mentioned it before, but now I’ve don’t it. I took the content of my 40 days and nights blog and turned it into an ebook companion guide. I’ve added some extra content, articles, and images to the ebook as a way to get people interested in reading the actual book. The blog posts are free so I figured the ebook should be free too, even though it offers so much more than the blog does. Not wanting to leave out those people, and I mean that in the nicest way, who don’t read ebooks, I’ve made it available in paperback, but it’s not free. In fact the amount that I charge for it, only just covers the printing; I am making no money off this publication. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem making money; I hope to make quite a bit of it someday with my writing, but for now, I don’t see the purpose in charging for something that people could already get for free…but who knows, that may change. –(This ebook was free through Smashwords, until the end of 2013. A new edition of this book is now available.)

I hope people will take advantage of this new ebook and really get to know all about Eternal Curse and what’s to come in the series. Please check out My Books link if you are interested in getting a copy and look out for giveaways on my side bar or my Eternal Curse Series tab. You’d think I would have been posting these all along, but I’m still getting used to the whole blogging word.

One last note to my followers…I have not abandoned my collection of short stories, but I’m really getting into this romance I’m currently writing. I don’t know if this is the kind of thing people who normally read romance will want to read because it’s not explicit or even very physical, but there is some passion to this lovely little story that’s captured my mind. So, I’m still working on my shorts, but focusing on this romance, and I’ve just written an outline for an adventure story I may acquire my nephew’s help in further developing and perhaps, illustrating.

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