Character Files from the ToiBox 25: Michael- Bio


nomaleBiography:  Subject EC:B 5-Michael

Michael is just another human struggling to understand this world of mixed species and supernatural powers, but it all means a little more to him. Michael is the grandson of Leo and grows up to take on his responsibility of looking after the estate and finances of the late Abraham’s beneficiary.

Michael is born and raised in Whittletown and spends much of life tip-toeing the line of two worlds much like Tori does. The main difference between Michael and Tori’s experience growing up, is that Tori is actually apart of dual world while Michael can only see and experience bits and pieces of the world Tori lives in.

It doesn’t take long to learn that Michael adores Tori from a very early age, but she’s young and has so much more on her mind. There is a brief time in their collective youth when Michael, Tori, and Sheldon are able to be great friends and a comfort to one another as they all learn their places in this dual existence.

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