#IWSG February 2018: For the love of #paranormal; oh, and some #graphicnovels


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Monthly Question: What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

I write in many genres most of the time, which isn’t always a good thing, but that’s a topic for another day. I’d say the genre I’m most passionate about is ‘paranormal’. I love to read and write about the paranormal in its many and diverse forms. Of all the speculative genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all subgenres) it’s the most speculative. I find that for, those like me, who like to blend a bit of spirituality and or religion into some of my writing, the paranormal genre is the easiest fit. I love to explore and manipulate ideas and concepts about myths and legends to find fun, new, and sometimes thought-provoking ways to show the many facets of humanity. Whether it’s vampires, werewolves, ghost, angels, or demons, I can never get enough of the supernatural goodness of the paranormal genre.


Now on to the personal updates.

The IWSG Book Club is reading Lord of the Flies for our March discussion on symbolism. I’ll admit that I was a bit bummed by the outcome of the vote, but I’m not heartbroken over it. I was hoping to use this as an opportunity, a motivator, for me to finally read Moby Dick (I know, I can’t believe I haven’t read it either), but I think that ship has sailed (no pun initially intended). I just don’t know if I’ll ever get around to reading that, when I have so many other books that I really really want to read. In any case, I’m hoping my second read of LOTF will go better than the first. Perhaps being older and not being forced to read it for a class will make all the difference.

I’ve been struggling with how to approach the future of my writing. I feel like I need to start over from scratch, but can’t quite bring myself to make the leap. I’m trying to figure out a way to maybe take baby steps instead. For now, at least, I’m going to focus on reading, writing my rewrites, as well as the new ideas I’m developing, and am making no plans to publish anything in the near future. Perhaps in a year or two, I’ll be ready to take on the publishing challenge once again.

Over at A Small Gang of Authors, I’ve been writing a blog series about music, inspiration, and my writing. In today’s part 4 of the series, I talk about character theme songs, if you care to check it out.

I’m challenging myself to a graphic novel read-a-thon this month. Please check it out, if your interested.


Why do you love to write in the genre of your choice?

Read any good graphic novels lately? Thinking about trying one out?

Have you clarified all your goals for the immediate future?


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The Shape of Water #TheToiBoxOfWords #film #review


It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review so I didn’t even bother trying to write it down. I simply went straight to YouTube.


So, here’s a movie that people will either get or not. For that matter, some people probably won’t even give it a try, but I can’t blame them. This is a weird movie. Still, I enjoyed it; after getting over the initial shock of what was happening in front of me…

I don’t think I’m doing a good job of expressing how I really feel about this movie. It’s best you watch the review. If you want to skip a semi-spoiler I provide, watch the video in the YouTube browser so you can access the skip link.

In any case, I gave this movie a 4 ½ of 5 stars (bumping up to five because I’ve never really done halves before).

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Reblog- Angel Lore: part 5 by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

Sorry if I haven’t been adding a lot of original content here anymore. I’m mostly sticking to my IWSG and Cephalopod Coffee House monthly posts from now on, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see other book or movie reviews at random intervals or WIP updates (’cause you might).

BTW- Today I’m over at A Small Gang of Authors finishing up my series on angel lore. I think it’s a pretty good finale (if I do say so) and it gives you a teaser for the next blog series I’ll be writing (in case you’re interested).

From Pinterest via
The Fairy – basic version by Bogdan-MRK

Today, in part 5, the finale, of my Angel Lore series, I’ll be sharing more angel knowledge with you from U – Z, as I complete my trek through the alphabet (see part ONE, part TWO, part THREE, and part FOUR). But first…

Do I believe in angels? Yes, I do.

I’ve come across many depictions of angelic encounters and find that they, or beings like them, have a place in almost every major religion and culture…

Read more at A Small Gang of Authors.

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Reblog- #Book in the Spotlight from Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

So, yesterday I was hanging out over at A Small Gang of Authors sharing excerpts from my short story collection, Legend of the Boy, In the Window, and Other Short Stories. Then I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever really shared many thoughts or samples of that publication here at the ToiBox and decided I needed to share it. If you are interested, please go check out the post and read the excerpts.


“I like the idea of seeing myself progress as a writer and I also like being able to explore different genres. My collection of short stories, Legend of the Boy, In the Window, and Other Short Stories, is an exploration of an author’s voice and developing creativity. It’s, sometimes dark and intense, adult fiction that is suitable for teens.

…” Read more at #Book in the Spotlight from Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

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Stranger to Blackwood blog tour #PRN

Check out this cool series and then stick around for the giveaway at the end.

Bound to Blackwood
House Blackwood Book One
by Sharon Lipman
Genre: Paranormal Romance
via GIPHYWould you surrender your soul for the love of the King?Lena, a vampire and a Guardian of the Order, has been honour-bound to protect human souls all her life. Acting first and thinking second is what’s saved her skin time and again in the war against the Fallen, but her disregard for orders soon catches up with her when her boss is seriously injured. Forced to take responsibility for her actions, Lena is thrust into the path of her very own kryptonite; Thorn. The raw power of his soul calls to her and his mere presence lights a fire within her that she cannot contain.With Vampire magic waning and the race in crisis, can either of them afford to ignore Nature’s call? If they do, the future of the race is in jeopardy. If they don’t, they will both lose the most precious part of themselves. Their souls.
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Stranger to Blackwood
House Blackwood Book Two
by Sharon Lipman
Genre: Paranormal Romance
via GIPHYWould you doom yourself to darkness if it meant saving the one you love? Ryver is the only telepath in living memory. Whether he wants to or not, he can hear the thoughts of everyone around him–their desires, their fears, and their darkest secrets. As a Vampire and Guardian of the Order, his skill is an asset. As a man, it’s a burden he wishes he didn’t have to carry. That is until he meets Ria. She’s beautiful, shy…and human. More than that, she hears him.A chance meeting brings them together, but the truth could rip them apart. Ria isn’t what she seems. As her heritage is revealed, can they find the light? If they do, it will enrage an old enemy and threaten everything they hold dear. If they don’t, one of them will be lost forever.

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About the Author

A huge fan of the paranormal romance genre, Sharon Lipman started writing in her teens. It wasn’t until she was in her thirties that she found a story she was desperate to share and House Blackwood was born. Her debut novel, Bound to Blackwood was published in 2015.

She was born in west London and grew up in leafy Surrey in south-east England. A lover of all things British, except the weather, she now lives in a tiny mountain village in Almeria, southern Spain with her husband and an ever-growing collection of dogs.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | Join the Mailing List

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