Character Files from the ToiBox 21: Tori- Bio


nofemaleBiography:  Subject EC:B 1-Tori

Tori is the product of an unplanned pregnancy. This is known only because she is discovered abandoned. We know nothing about her biological parents or background. Giovanni finds her and brings her to Mira and they decide to keep her.

Tori is average in the best possible way. Unlike other members of her adoptive family, she gets to have quit a few normal experiences and blends in with “regular” people just fine. From an early age she looks to her father and brother as her protectors and puts her mother on a pedestal of realistic perfection.

Tori doesn’t attend public school, but she receives an education and has opportunities to socialize with her human peers. When she grows up, Tori attends college and remains, for the most part, shielded from the dangers the rest of her family faces daily.

After graduating from college, Tori is burdened with the decision of what to do next. She’s at a point in her life when she can continue to tip-toe between the two worlds she was raised in or finally make a choice, choosing one over the other.

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