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Image3Biography: Subject EC:GA 4-Mira

Mira was born to poverty in third-word Africa, but was blessed by the presence of a benefactor. He took her out of Africa and poverty and showered her with gifts, advantages, and everything she could possibly need, but failed to give her the one thing she wanted most, a family.

Once in the hands of western scholars, Mira was labeled an academic prodigy. She devoted her young life to collecting accomplishments and knowledge. Before heading off to college she was finally connected with her absente guardian/benefactor. When she learned that he was dying, she put aside her years of pent-up regret and anger and decided to travel the world with him.

After seeing the world and all its wonders, Mira worried about the path she’d chosen and whether or not she’d find happiness. She attended college and graduate school, and collected several undergraduate degrees, a few Master’s, and her Doctorate in medicine. She never really had a chance to celebrate her achievements, since the death of her benefactor left her an heiress and a local public figure.

Mira’s life continued to move long swiftly until she ended her engagement to a fellow alum and partner in her research foundation.  After that well thought out part of her life didn’t work out the way she planned, Mira slumped into a rut. For years she went about simply going through the motions of seeing patients and running her businesses.

Only when she met a social networker named GrayNisol8ed, did her life begin to get interesting again. After developing a virtual friendship with this person, she learned that his name was Giovanni and that he was very troubled. Needing a break from her own issues and reality, Mira decides to meet Giovanni to see if he is all that he says he is- and he says he a lot.

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