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Abraham-bkBiography:  Subject EC:GA 1-Abraham

Abraham was born near the beginning of the 20th century. He grew up in New Jersey, U.S. and came from a poor family. As poor as his family was, the love of his life Sarah was from an even poorer family. When Abraham first meets Sarah as a little boy, he pledges to take care of her for the rest of his life.

As the great depression neared, Abraham quickly learns that working around the law might be the best way to provide for himself and loves, though he never joined a gang and directly broke any laws. As Abraham began to work his way towards wealth, he encountered Giovanni and felt sorry for him. He took him in and made him part of his and Sarah’s new life together.

After Abraham made enough money to marry Sarah and pay for her to attend school, they planned for their first child. Before Sarah gave birth, she was killed in a car accident. Abraham sank into a deep depression and Giovanni struggled to keep him alive after he lost his legs trying to kill himself.

Once Abraham came to terms with Sarah’s death, he began to live life again and look after Giovanni, who was suffering through his own issues.  Abraham is very happy to learn that Giovanni has made a friend through his computer and that she will be coming to visit them soon.

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