Breakdown & Write

Today has not been a good mental and physical health day. I think, no I know, I over did it throughout the week and even this weekend. I can’t complain too much; I actually did some creative writing today. I had a bit of breakdown today, but I guess all artists do from time to time, though I don’t know how much of an artist I am. I write, I like it, it makes me happy. If I have to have a breakdown from time to time just to get some rest so I can start up my writing mojo, I’ll do it.

I’m being a little silly right now, but I’m also being a little serious too. Life sometimes seems unnecessarily hard and it makes me crazy, but if I can just have a few moments to read some creative words and then write a few of my own, I think I’ll be able to make it through.

So while I’m not letting up on the marketing efforts of my Eternal Curse book, I am focusing my writing on a collection of story stories. I’m just about finished with the companion guide I wrote for the Eternal Curse book and will need to have it edited before releasing it. I’m pretty sure this will be a free e-release to help build up the buzz for the actual book. My short stories are very precious to me and I want to make sure I give them as much love and care as I am giving to the Eternal Curse Series.

This is an unofficial Author Insight post.

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