WIP Update 13 – Writer’s Creed 2


I have been doing a lot of reading and very little writing. I’ve been reading for critique and review, as well as reading for pleasure, but I’ve had much difficulty finding time to write outside this blog. My personal life, work life, and writing life are all battling for my time and mind; at the moment and I don’t think any of them are winning. Hopefully I’ll find a balance soon so I can bring some of my currents WIPs to their conclusions.

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I found one beta and am seeking another to offer feedback on my completed WIP sequel to Eternal Curse.

I have been making many new friends in the blogosphere and look forward to sharing with them. I continue my efforts to promote books and authors by interviewing or promoting authors: Penelope Dyan, Lillian Brummet, L.A. Little, Jaq D. Hawkins, as well as others in the weeks to come.

-Do you have a WIP update to share? Do you want to take on the Writer’s Creed 2014?

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