WIP Update 06


As promised, here’s what’s happening with Solomon’s Swords.

So when I originally got the idea to start this story, I was thinking that it would be a simple mini-epic fantasy adventure, but now- who knows? I just keep coming up with all these twists and plotlines and backstories.

First, I’m no pushover. I’ve had some pretty good back stories for my other characters and books, especially my Eternal Curse Series, but have always been able to weed out the best and most important parts to keep for the story, while using the rest as build up material on my blogs or in marketing. The problem I’m having now is that most of the back stories I’m coming up with are so good that I feel that they must be told along with the rest of the story.

Second, I know a waste of words when I see it and I write it. I know that sometimes books are extending solely for the purpose of producing or selling more units, but I’ve never felt a need to break up a story for that reason. At this point, I think this story might be becoming so much more that I originally anticipated. This could possibly be another series for me, but I still trying to launch my first series.

Lastly, I’ve literally written two chapters of this story that don’t even mention the characters from the original conceptual idea. I know how this new material will eventually line up with those original ideas, but I am at a loss trying to figure out why I can’t develop my original ideas more without developing these new ideas first. I’ve always been able to work on story ideas in a categorical manner, but I’ve never been bound by chronology. With this story, I can’t seem to move forward with developing the back story first and then moving on.

Ok, so enough babble about my creative difficulties, here’s what’s going on with the story.

Solomon, the sword maker, is now the descendent of an illegitimate king who just so happens to have been pure of heart, unlike other kings of his time…but that’s only the beginning.

I have now developed the world in which this story will take place. There are 5 true kingdoms, 1 false kingdom, and a desert. There are also some differences in how days, years, and seasons are experienced in this world, but there’s nothing reminiscent to the world of Game of Thrones here.  The world of my six kingdoms is called Plenar to which I have an overcomplicated meaning for. Please ignore my bad grammar. Right now, I’m writing the way to talk when I fell anxious and excited.

Also, I’ve developed the legend of a philandering Prince which will be the centerpiece of the conflict that later arises. There is now a mysterious meteor shower, a civil war, and of course a curse that only be broken with the proper use of Solomon’s Sword.

Don’t get too excited. 90% of this is still in outline form, but like I said I do have two first draft chapters and so much more to do.

Next, month I hope to be able give some more details and revisit: It’s Like the Full Moon, The Eternal Curse Series, and Unexplainable.

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