Today is Patriot Day U.S.A. 2014


Today is a day to remember the attacks on September 11, 2001. Do you remember where you were when it happened? Have you lost someone to this great tragedy? My heart goes out to all people of the world who’ve been affected by acts of terrorism. Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where our differences aren’t a reason for war.

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5 thoughts on “Today is Patriot Day U.S.A. 2014”

  1. Hi Toi, sad day. I had just dropped my husband at work with his suitcase set to fly out a few hours later, I was going to go home but my then 3 year old asked if we could go to the McDonalds with the big slide, that he was ready.
    He had frozen at the top before, that day as my son conquered his fear of the ‘Big Slide’ a lady ran into the McDonald’s playroom and understandably hysterical began to talk about what happened in N.Y. I let my so go down the slide a few more times and spoke to my husband.
    I never looked at the TV because there was commission and I needed to look at my child, driving back in the car I heard the voice on the radio, I think it was Peter Jennings, describing the first Building crumble… in so many ways it seems like so much longer than 13 years. Horrible violence and so much more violence as a result. I sure hope someday we can remember in Peace ☮

  2. I remember walking down “the hill” from campus wondering why my morning class was canceled without notice. I was a little annoyed, but mostly relieved to have some free time. Walking through the old student was surreal. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and I hadn’t even figured out what was going on yet, but I knew something wasn’t right. I walking in the student goverment lounge and saw it on the big screen. My first thought was of may family back in Hampton Roads. I never felt so afraid to be from a military town…

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