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As an author I’m constantly on the road to publication, but sometimes I lose my way. Fortunately for me, I keep these WIP Updates to help me get back on track and find my way. For most of the summer I was transitioning my site and blog to self-hosting and working on some other new projects. All that left little time for personal reading and writing. As much as I love to read, as a writer who wants to be a published author, it’s imperative that I write.

With that being said, I did manage to find some beta readers for two of my stories I’m working to release. I was going to try to release It’s Like the Full Moon around Christmas, but I think I might wait until February, but if the situation presents itself, it won’t put it off longer than necessary. I’m already working on a marketing plan for it. I have high hope for this story because I feel it has a more general appeal than my Eternal Curse story and really hope that people will give it a chance.

I’m working on a companion guide for my second Eternal Curse book. I’d like to have it out as a free ebook for a while before I release the second book, but I’m not in hurry on this. I have time to get that story just right before trying to release it.

One of my short stories will be released soon in an anthology so that should provide me with enough of a sense of accomplishment to keep me going. In the meantime, I’m slowly but surely making progress on my Solomon’s Swords story, and I can already see that a new working title will have to be considered.

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