Tea and Conversation 12: Age


Today I’m sharing a picture of an antique Victorian teapot and stand I posted on my tea pin board.

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Today in my meditation I’m thinking about Eternal Curse and Full Moon, and I’m writing about: Why age?

It seems to have become a theme in my writing to feature important older characters. It was a few years ago that I truly grasped the concept of ageism and realized that I too had been practicing it. I’ve made efforts since them to not judge people by their age and set limitations upon them. The fact that older characters keep showing up in my stories and having a major impact is a byproduct of this. I never set out to use my writing as a platform, but when I look back at what I’ve written, many messages begin to pop out at me.

I like the idea that as we get older, we actually get better, but I do acknowledge that aging is a challenge. I don’t make it a point to have my older characters seem larger than life, but I do show that you can live a life worth living after a certain age, through my characters. In essence, I write these characters because I hope to someday be just like them. I don’t want to be an old lady siting in a rocking chair (even though rocking chairs rock) barely able to hold onto my knitting needles watching the world spin around me. I want to truly live every moment, right up to the end.

For those who are familiar with my Eternal Curse Series, Abraham is just the first of my senior characters to make an impact on this overall story. I hope to be able to share my, It’s Like the Full Moon, story with the world soon and give people a chance to fall in love with the many senior characters that make an impact in that story.

Also, today I’m visiting with author Shah Wharton. Go check out our special interview.

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2 thoughts on “Tea and Conversation 12: Age”

  1. I absolutely love this post on ageism. It is so important especially today that so many lead longer more productive lives, I have always had a fantastic rapport with people of all ages, but I notice that is not as common. There is that inherent wisdom and experience that can give an older character so much depth.
    I think that it is a very good platform, Agatha Christie had the wise old Miss Marple. Do you think that any books influenced your choice of older important characters?

    1. Ya know, it’s hard to say really. Just as with films, in books, I tend to be drawn to strong supporting characters. It’s very likely that years of reading about the feisty grandma, the ingenious old uncle, the retired military officer and more, has left an impression upon me. From a purely sci-fi movie stand point, Yoda is centuries old and still providing wisdom and kicking butt right up the end.

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