Reblog- #Music, My Muse: part 2 by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

Today, I’m hanging out over at A Small Gang of Authors with part 2 (finally, sorry it took so long) of my series on music and writing. I’m starting with the topic of mood music and interpretation. Please check it out.

From Pinterest via PicMonekey
“Today, in part 2 of the Music My Muse series, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on mood music (see part 1here).

I feel like most people have the same general idea of what mood music is. It’s all about setting the tone or atmosphere for something specific, usually romance, but not always.

In terms of romance, people often imagine a fancy restaurant with lit candles and a suited man playing a violin. However, some people will imagine star-lit mountains in the background of a small campfire with someone playing an acoustic guitar. What’s more, some people might actually imagine pink silk sheets, a bottle of champagne, and either a sappy rock ballad or a smooth R&B groove. Not one of these is better than the other, yet they are all setting the same tone of romance, in very different ways…”

Read more at A Small Gang of Authors.

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I’m leaving @Twitter! Oh, and romance excerpt.

If you are following me on Twitter, now is a great time to stop. They keep locking my account and accusing me of behaviors that violate their terms. I don’t see how I can violate their terms when I haven’t posted anything in the last 24 hours. This has been going on for days, though, and I’m tired of being bullied by them. Until they start offering customer service that uses a real human brain and not some glitchy computer, I’m not bothering with it.

I seriously doubt anyone will miss me there. I’m a nobody in the grand scheme and that’s why Twitter doesn’t care if they treat me like crap. I’m not even going to go through the bother of deleting the account. I’m leaving it up as a tribute to my dissatisfaction with the platform. This will be the last post I syndicate there.

If you want to follow me or see what I’m posting on social media, visit my contact page for suggested links. I’m going to start using Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads, and YouTube more. I’m also going to start being more social and open.

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from my romcom, It’s Like the Full Moon,  over at A Small Gang of Authors. Please check it out.

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#IWSG June 2017: New Adventures, Counting Blessings, Blog Break, & Can’t Quit


Created and hosted by the Ninja himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh, the Insecure Writers Support Group posts the 1st Wednesday of every month. Click the image to learn more or sign up.

Monthly Question: Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?

I’ve never said I’d quit writing once I started and really understood what I was doing and how much it was a part of me. I have thought about saying “I quit” to blogging from time to time, but that’s usually due to me feeling like I never have enough time. Even if I decided at some point not to pursue publication anymore, I don’t think I would ever stop writing.


Now for some personal and professional updates. 1) I’m taking a one month break from this blog to regroup my focus and put some work into another project. I need to get my head together so my posts will go back to being regular and consistent.

2) I recently shared a few blessings on social media that I’d like to share here now. Over the Memorial Day weekend, here in the US, I did not run any kind of a book promotion, but I still managed to get a spike in my Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel sales. A few days after I realized this nice blessing, I got a fan email from a woman who bought my romcom, It’s Like the Full Moon, at a local Con and loved it. It made my week.

3) New adventures abound for me. I’m working to develop a new blog community, but it’s not what I think other people think it is. I don’t want this blog to be competition for other book blogs and I don’t want to do this all by myself. My hope is to create a collaboration that helps bring indie books mainstream.

As blog admin for the Reading Indie blog, I want to:
-create a list of other book and author blogs to help readers find the kinds of books they are interested in.
-promote books even if they aren’t free or discounted and show readers that authors are people too.
-give authors an outlet to build up their SEO with guest posts, interviews, and creative link backs.
-create a gift box prize that intrigues readers into wanting to know more or experience more that indie has to offer.

4) My adventures don’t stop there. I’m attempting to plan two blog events for the Reading Indie blog:
-one for Indie Pride Day (July 1st I believe). Would you like to be featured in a book promo video?
-one for International Authors Day (July 14th). Would you like to do a blog swap promo?


So, ever thought about saying, “I quit” to writing?
Thinking about taking a blogging break anytime soon?
Wish me luck for my Reading Indie adventures? :/


After hanging out with Alex, be sure to stop by and visit this month’s co-hosts:
JH Moncrieff,
Madeline Mora-Summonte,
Jen Chandler,
Megan Morgan, and
Heather Gardner!


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Tidewater ComiCon 2016 Recap

So, I had a great time at my local Con this weekend. I kinda needed a day to recover, but I still went to my day job yesterday. There were many high points of the weekend including seeing Ernie Hudson and Sam Jones up-close (sorry no pictures).

I did pretty good with my Eternal Curse sales and even managed to move a few of my short stories. But the coolest thing was making a woman’s day, who wasn’t really in to the event, when I showed her my romantic comedy. I still can’t believe I sold a RomCom at a ComiCon. 😉

I’m sooo looking forward to next year.

Moonstruck #Review – Mock Squid Soup No.16 #cinephiles #film #romcom


I can’t believe I’m going to follow in the talented footsteps of the great Cherdo, but this month I decided to review Moonstruck because I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it before.

If anyone is interested in my experience of watching Moonstruck, click here to see my notes.

This review will consist of me asking myself 10 questions and answering them to the best of my ability.

1. What is this film about?

A middle-aged widow gets engaged to a close friend and is tasked with inviting the brother, not knowing there is bad blood there. Once they meet, she realizes she may have the wrong brother, but isn’t willing to risk causing bad luck to her future.

2. What did I think of the title, poster, and or trailer?

When I first saw this movie it had long become a VHS top seller. I was too young to see it when it originally released, so I don’t remember my impressions of the trailer and poster back then. However, when I look at the movie poster now, I think whimsy and calamity all in the name of love- New York, Italian style.

3. What did I think of the main character(s) and how the actors performed them?

I must admit I love pretty much all of the performances in this movie. I like the idea of Cher being a mild-mannered accountant knowing that in real-life she’s the exact opposite. As for Nicolas Cage, I think it’s one of his better comedic performances. If he’s supposed to be taken seriously, I didn’t get the message. And the rest of this cast is outstanding. I really felt like these people were a real family, even with being familiar with their other roles.

4. What did I think of the direction and cinematography?

I liked how the movie felt so real. I feel like there are no special filters here or ultra-bright lights or colors, yet the film still feels colorful.

5. What did I think of the soundtrack and score?

I adore this soundtrack. La Bohme isn’t the first opera I encountered, but after seeing this movie, I grew to appreciate opera even more. Also, I think “That’s Amore” is a pop classic.

6. What did I like about the story as a whole?

I like that the story was over the top and outrageous but delivered in a very nonchalant manner. The story is funny not just because of the one-liners, but it’s funny because it’s a reflection and exaggeration of the reality of the time.

7. What did I not like about the story?

I never liked that Cosmo got off so easy. All religions aside, going to confession would not be enough these days. There would be some counseling, healing, and regaining of trust.

8. Would I recommend this movie to others?

Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I?

9. If yes, who? What would I rate this movie?

I hope most people over the age of 30 have seen this movie. If I know them and they haven’t, we’re having a movie night. But honestly, I’d recommend this to anyone over 15.

On a scale of 1 to 5 movie reels, I give this film 5 reels.


10. Was there anything in this movie that could be related to me or anything I have written?

Well, let’s see…
One of the major influences of my book, It’s Like the Full Moon, is this movie. It helped me decide on the title and so much more.

Watch, rent, or buy this movie here.

Mock Squid Soup – Film Society

MOCK! and The Armchair Squid are proud to introduce Mock Squid Soup: A Film Society. Each month, on the second Friday, we shall host a bloghop devoted to movie reviews. We invite others to participate and post their reviews…Don’t be shy; come join the fun! 😀

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