#IWSG May 2017: Being Overwhelmed, Weird Research, & Another Con


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Monthly Question: What is the weirdest/coolest thing you ever had to research for your story?

At this point in my writing, I haven’t really had to research anything too weird yet. I guess I could at least mention a few cool things I’ve researched, like: scientific terms and effects of two moons for a story I haven’t started yet or how to create a language for a story I’ve been developing for about three years.

For now, I’d say the most interesting thing I’ve researched is angel lore. After I completed the first draft of my first book, before I even knew it was a book, I decided to look into the different worldviews of angels to see if anything interesting could be added to my story. I bought a book online that had high ratings and was recommended by several different sites. Can’t for the life of me remember the title now. I still have the book, but it’s in storage somewhere.


So, the month of April was a bit crazy for me. I did a virtual convention, went on Spring Break, took a trip with my sister, did a live convention, and battled and assortment of illnesses- some still in progress. I’ve had a lot of low points in the past month, but the high points made it all bearable.

I only finished one book in the month of April and I still need to write a thorough review for it. I’m struggling to finished up the first installment of “We Are Jardin”. Who knows when that will be ready to publish. My YouTube channel will suffer a bit this month. I’m working on a RavenCon wrap up video and have no real Reading Challenge update to offer. Plus, I have two more author events coming up that I’ll have to work around my ongoing medical issues.

All in all, I guess I can’t complain too much. I’m busy in a good way and my health is always an issue. If I waited around to be healthy all the time, I’d never get anything done.


What have you had to research for a book?
Read any good books last month?
Hope this post finds you in good health.


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My Geekdom 10: The Big Bang Theory


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I love that geeks have come into their own. I can’t believe that it’s actually cool to be a geek now, at least on TV. It’s funny to me that there are millions of people who adore The Big Bang Theory TV show, but don’t actually follow the interests of its star characters. While there have been an increase in the number fanatic fanboys and girls, it seems to me that a lot of people just like the idea of being a geek…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Again, there’s no rocket science (Hope Sheldon isn’t reading; Lol.) to the notion that comic books, video games, cartoons, and so much more have influenced my writing, but there’s so much more to my geekdom than fandom. If there’s no academic or intellectual processing involved to piggy back your fandom, well then, you’re just a dork and probably better off in the long run…

Now don’t get all wound up, remember “geek” and “dork” are positive terms now. Some of my best friends are dorks, even my husband; he doesn’t over think his fandom. I’m no super genius, but I have a love for science and an average to above average intellect that I use to over analyze things. My husband and I share our fandom and we love each other for it. I’m his geek and he’s my dork.

The whole point of this notion of geek vs dork is that while I’m influence by my world of fandom, I’ve also done my research. Facts make fiction more believable. Without a foundation in truth, as a writer, I wouldn’t be able to effectively bend the truth to expand my stories. With the Eternal Curse Series, I have researched fact, fiction, doctrine, mythology, opinion, and more. I am a geek and I do my homework.

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