Review: Cassastar

Title: Cassastar
Series: Cassastar #1
Author: Alex J. Cavanaugh
Genre: Space Opera
Pages: 246
Reading Level: Adult
Content: PG (military subject matter and some violence)

This book is not what I expected it to be at all and I loved it. The words “Space Opera” are suitable to describe this but there’s something else in this story that goes beyond sci-fi, fantasy, and space war.

CassaStar tells the story of a young Cassian named Byron who is talented and troubled. All he wants is a chance to escape Cassa and become a fighter pilot so that his life can have some meaning. His only problem is that, when compared to everyone around him, he has a bad and arrogant attitude, but he is good at what he does … oh and he’s “special”. Then there’s Bassa, enter wise man/mentor, but that’s where I’ll stop. I don’t want to give too much away.

I must confess that as chicks go I’m not much for emotional outpouring which is probably why I like action, sci-fi, and fantasy, but this book has given me a whole new perspective. When considering the very nature of the Cassians, I don’t believe I would be viewed even half as well as Byron was and he was pretty much an outcast with undeniable skills.  It’s one thing to make friends and to be able to mingle with your peers on a social level, but CassaStar takes social interaction and emotional bonds to a whole other level, plus there’s space ships and highly advanced technology involved.

This whole story is written in a very matter-of-fact way as to imply that everything that’s happening in the story is as it should be. You forget from time to time that you are not a Cassian and that you are simply reading a story. You are however supplied with a few moments that fill you with utter amazement as you imagine the pilots sorting through space and time and then going on grand adventures in their down time.

This is an action packed story, but it takes a while to get your heart rate going. Nothing is slow moving, but the author does take his time to really develop his characters and set up each scene for whatever it is that’s about the happen: a space battle, an emotional breakdown, a behavior evaluation, or even an intense dream.  With all this story has to offer, I’m still shocked that it all boils down to a great buddy story. This book is about friendship in a way most people haven’t considered. When two men go into war willing to die or live for the other, exciting things happens.

This story is suitable for most audiences though young children may not have the maturity to understand it and many women will not be initially attracted to it. I would challenge men and women to read this story and find that they probably really enjoy it, even if it is for very different reasons.

I give this book a 5.


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  1. Great review, Toi! I’ve read Alex’s trilogy and loved it. Plus his new Dragon of the Stars. I was pulled in right away by the immediacy of the space battles, which is odd for an emotional female. But the Buddy angle is the heart of the book! I want to go back and read his rewrite of this tale. Thanks for featuring this wonderful space opera! Have a good one!

    1. It took me way to long to post this is. The sequel won’t take as long, followed by the third. Then I’ll gladly move onto Dragon.

    1. Thank you for writing a great story. CassaFire is going just as well and I’m gearing up for CassaStorm after that.

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