Day 23- Signature: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: signature: a personal distinguishable mark; a mark of ownership and identity.


While names, as I’ve discussed, have many significances and can say a lot about a person, the signature can also be a peculiarly telling feature. The way someone writes their name can express so much about them and I’m not just talking penmanship.

When someone signs their name, it’s a mark of ownership. Just as with the concepts discussed in my namesake post, the signature comes with a binding or connection. In legal terms, the signature is the key to controlling, manipulating, and securing one’s identity and lifestyle.

So here are some questions to consider when thinking of the significance of signatures. Does it have to be someone’s full legal name or can initials be use? Is it okay to leave out middle and second names or more? Can a person have more than one signature? Can you have a signature for an alias?

And what about style and technique. What does it say about a person with a thin light signature as opposed to curvy bold one? I’m sure I could dig deeper into this matter, but studying handwriting isn’t my hobby.

Name of the day: Ester.

Breakdown and meaning:

Ester, derived from Esther but not really, means star. So here’s the confusion. Ester is actually the Greek origin of the name that was altered in Hebrew. While the Hebrew spelling was the most popular for a long time, the simpler Greek spelling is just as prominent now. In essence, Ester could stand alone as its root or be derived from the Hebrew root.

In my Eternal Curse Series, Ester is an important supporting character that will shine in the second book. She is a leader and a friend to Giovanni, but she’s closer to “powers from beyond” than any of the major character in the series.

Well, that’s it for Day 23. See you tomorrow.


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