Count Your Blessings 15: Transportation



I had to walk home one day from a location I visit quite frequently. In a car it takes no more than ten minutes to get there from my house, but walking that distance is something else altogether. There is no direct path and unless you’ve been training for a marathon, odds are, the average person isn’t in the right physical or mental shape to make that kind of trek.

I think all too often people take modes of transportation and roadways for granted. People don’t take good care of their vehicles, they don’t take good care of the roads, and they don’t take good care of themselves behind the wheel, still refusing to put down their mobile phones and just drive.

There are so many reasons I’m blessed to live in a world of modern transportation, but one vain reason is that I like to travel. One day, I’ll let modern transportation take me around the world, but for now, I’m glad to not have to walk to the grocery store unless I just need a good sweat to keep me in shape.

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    1. Your the Ninja, of course you can run a 5K and take good care of your car. I’ll get there one day.

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