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This month’s optional theme is: gratitude or acceptance.

Excerpt from Chapter 15

Reaching the last file in the database, he paused. Simply labeled ‘Byron,’ it gave no indication as to the contents within. Curious, he explored the file and discovered four separate areas. The first section contained information from his official and personal record. His complete history and profile were represented, and he frowned at the discovery. Noting his Cosbolt training record, Byron remembered that as his instructor, Bassa had enjoyed full access to his files. He’d apparently saved them for future reference.

Exploring the next file, Byron opened what appeared to be a journal chronicling Bassa’s personal experiences. Confused as to why this was located in his file, Byron scanned the entries. The first one was written not long after his arrival on Guaard. It described a pilot in training whose cocky, indifferent attitude stemmed from loneliness and insecurity rather than malice or rage. Bassa concluded his assessment that all the boy needed was a friend. Byron’s eyes widened in disbelief and he scanned the other entries. Every single one was about him.

Uncomfortable with the thought of invading Bassa’s privacy, Byron moved to the next file. A prerecorded video flashed on the screen and he leaned back in the chair. His chest tightened when Bassa’s image appeared, and he realized the recording had been made from his very position.

“Good day, Byron,” said Bassa’s image, a faint smile on his face.

Byron’s mouth fell open. Bassa had recorded a message for him.

242 words from: CassaStar (CassaStar #1) © 2010 Alex J. Cavanaugh

My Thoughts

I’m actually reading CassaStorm (CassaStar #3) right now and am behind on my review of CassaFire (CassaStar #2), but with this month’s theme being acceptance or gratitude, I had to revisit the first book in this series. There is so much happening in this story by the time this passage comes along and as much as I hate to give away spoilers, I can only hope the true meaning of this passage remains a bit vague.

The passage is a revelation of acceptance for Byron in a way I can’t elaborate on without outright spoiling, but it’s clear that he has discovered something and it’s affecting him in an emotional way. Before and after this passage, the gratitude Byron feels for the off-scene Bassa is difficult to process. These two character experience life and combat together, and to say that they are like brothers is an understatement- they are brothers at the very core of their souls.

I have many friends who care about me and a wonderfully loving and supportive family, but I haven’t had a friendship like what Bassa and Byron have since I was in high school. That kind of friendship is precious and rare.

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8 thoughts on “#BooktagsBlogHop No. 2: CassaStar by @AlexJCavanaugh #sci-fi #amreading”

  1. I had a best friend growing up and even though we drifted apart, she eventually became a minister and officiated at my wedding. That was amazing.

    Thanks for the review of Alex’s first novel. I’ve read his fourth and this review does make me curious about his earlier trilogy.

  2. Yeah, I read CassaStar as soon as it came out and reviewed it. It is a nice friendship, but I complained to Alex that there were no women in the book, except for a reference to a sister. He worked on that for his subsequent books.

    And talking about Acceptance, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all accept one another in this world so things like the Paris attacks would not happen.

    1. I agree. I like being who I am and don’t expect everyone else to be like me. I wish people could accept differences and live in harmony.

  3. Friendship so profound is hard to develop, but somehow it becomes harder as we grow older… Is that just perception, I wonder? Or is it that we become more fixed in our ways, more demanding of others, more committed to our expectations? It seems like friendship of that deep, powerful kind happens when we’re at our most open—our most vulnerable? Hmm. Food for thought.

    Great post, Toinette—and thanks so much for hosting the hop!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. Thank for stopping by and hoping along. I think many of us bond so well with our spouses that we have little left to put into a friendship of equal intensity. At least, that’s part of it for me.

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