Author Spotlight: Milton Kelly 1.1


An excerpt from

Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 1,
To Change Your Mindset

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“Everyone takes a shower to get rid of the dirt on their physical bodies. So, doesn’t it only make sense to clean your mind from all of the negative garbage from the outside world? Think about that if we take a shower to clean the dirt of our body then why we can’t clean all of those negative thoughts out of our mind. Negative thoughts are nothing but dirt and poison in our mind. It clogs our mind from preventing positive things in our mind. When things especially negative things clog your mind, it doesn’t allow you to think the right things and continue through life effectively. Put things in priority and do those things first. Once that thing is done, you don’t have to think or dwell on that anymore. Keep doing that and before you know it, your mind is free and clear. When you have negative thoughts you are your own prisoners of negativity. Too bad our minds don’t have a delete button. It is very important that we need to cleanse the inner vessel because it affects our outer appearance. You are getting rid of that garbage in your mind.”

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