Mira’s Closet: 05/18/15: First Impressions

MClosetMira’s no fashionista, but she definitely has her own sense of style…
And now here’s an update on just that.

First an observation: So this weekend was my first time vending at a Comicon. To say I was nervous would be an extreme understatement. I couldn’t eat anything but a handful of crackers until after the first 4 hours, but that was part geeking and part stressing. I wanted to make a good first impression for all the locals and out-of-towners attending the event and encountering me and my work for the first time. Not that any of this actually contributed to book sales, but I made a point to get my hair done, grow out my nails and paint them with clear polish, and wear angel apparel and accessories to match the theme of my book. I’m not a real girly girl, but I guess I felt pretty. I think I did make a good impression, but the whole time I was wishing that I was wearing a cape (I have three). If you’re interested, you can see what I was wearing here.

Now here are some style tips/clips from
Torimy own personal fashion guru, trainer, and my physical inspiration for Mira.
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I hope you enjoyed this. Also check out Tori’s jewelry eBoutique: December 10.

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