#IWSG October 2015: It’s Fall & time to Par-tay!


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I’m in a good moon right now and hope it lasts a long time. I’m so happy to have filled up my self-organized virtual book tour for It’s Like the Full Moon, but I’d still be more than happy to take on more hosts in case anyone is interested.

I want to encourage everyone to breathe in and out and appreciate the life you have. We may not all be exactly where we want to be in our lives, but as long as we have the time and willingness to pursue our dreams and goals, we’re better off than those who’ve had their chances taken away from them … I’ll leave it at that.

October means a lot to me.

1. To me, it’s the beginning of Fall- my favorite season. I’m so ready for sweaters and SCARVES! 😀 … Sorry, but I really like scarves.

2. It’s the month of my birthday, so I’ll be putting my first novel on sale for a few days. Be on the lookout for it.

3. I’m having a Vinyl Record Themed birthday party. I’ll try to remember to share pics later.

4. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but so many other people do. I love seeing everyone let loose and pick out their costumes. It’s a great time to be around kids and to become a kid again, for just a little while.

*And special just for this year, I’m trying something new. I’m testing out a new blog schedule and attempting to start a new bookish blog hop. Please check it out to see if it’s something you’d be interested in. BooktagsBlogHop


Do you have any big plans for October?


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I like reading, writing, cooking, dancing, movies, and music. I'm a big kid and choose to see the world in my own special way. Yes, I'm educated, but I haven't let that stop me from being who I want to be. I'm a wife, teacher, author, blogger, and more.

15 thoughts on “#IWSG October 2015: It’s Fall & time to Par-tay!”

  1. I love fall too. Growing up in South Carolina, it was such a relief to be done with the insanely hot summer. Now it means the kids go back to school and I can write! Plus, the last few years I’ve had productive falls (in terms of writing) before everything falls apart around the holidays.

  2. Happy birthday in advance, Toi! I think you’re an amazing, remarkably giving person, and I’m glad I got the chance to get to know you.

    As for me, October is the month of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, which I try to attend every year. I’m really looking forward to connecting with old friends, making new ones, getting inspired, and learning something different about this crazy industry.

    Have a great month!

    1. Wow. An international writers’ conference sounds cool. I hope you have a great time and reap loads of benefits.
      Thanks for the Birthday wish and kind words.

  3. Sweaters, scarves, and boots! I love this time of year because I can pull out all my favorites from my fall and winter wardrobe 🙂 I also love seeing all the interesting costumes and kids enjoying themselves this month.

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