#IWSG March 2015: Interviews & Anticipation #bloggerswanted


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I don’t know how encouraging this will be to anyone who happens to be reading it, but I’d like to have a conversation with you. Really, whoever you are, I want to get to know you. It seems that no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to really connect to those around me and in the blogosphere it’s even harder. I’m not sure if people, or other authors, think I have something up my sleeve, but no one seems to believe me when I say I want to get to know them.

I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’m the perfect pen pal or virtual friend you’re ever going to find, but I do like connecting with people, even if I’m not that good at staying connected. Being an introvert is only a small part of it. What can I say, I have issues, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I want to get know people, especially other bloggers so I can learn from them, but my problem may be that I don’t have much to offer in return.

While I love to interview people, they may not want to be bothered with the whole process knowing that my post isn’t likely going to garner them a 1000 new followers or fans. I’m small time, but I like it here at The ToiBox of Words and think others would too if they simply gave it a chance.

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of video interviewing authors and bloggers. I guess I missed the memo that said talking in front of a web cam was a mortal sin. What kind of introvert am I anyway? Why would an introvert have a You Tube channel? I guess deep down, I know it doesn’t bother me because my following is so small and filled with people, to which, I feel pretty confident in calling friends.

In any case, I’m making efforts to reach out and interview some new authors and even some book bloggers just because I’d like to get to know them. We’ll see if any of them say yes.

On a completely different note, I’m trying to walk by faith and believe that I’ll be able to release my sequel, Eternal Curse: Battleground by May of this year, but I feel like I’m battling a giant in the process. We’ll see what happens.

Would any of you like to be interviewed?
Why are people so camera-shy?
Are you working on a book or other release? I’d love to hear about it.


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6 thoughts on “#IWSG March 2015: Interviews & Anticipation #bloggerswanted”

  1. I’ve often wondered why I’m so camera shy, and I’ve certainly tried to beat it down. Though I did, for a time, host events in a web classroom that required me to be on camera. I felt exhilarated at the end, but was nervous during. All in all, I suppose it wasn’t all bad. I hope you can connect with some authors! Email me and let me know where people can contact you and I’ll post that you’re looking to do video interviews with authors on one of my Wednesday link posts. (thewarriormuse at gmail dot com.)

    1. Thanks so much for the offer. I’ll be in touch. Also thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I can’t imagine hosting a web class, but part of me is now intrigued.

  2. Why would an introvert have a YouTube channel – why indeed!
    You know how I feel about being in front of any kind of camera.
    Connections will come. Just keep reaching out to others. I’ve never thought you had something up your sleeve.

  3. Unlike with writing or blogging, with a camera you have to worry about how you look, how your voice sounds, getting the take right, and so forth. To me, it’s more pressure than jotting down a couple interesting sentences, then coming back later to add to or revise them.

    1. Yeah, I get that, but I’m a really good edior. 😀 But seriously, I think the whole thing appeals to me because of the lack of face to face communication online in general. I like the idea of simply having a conversation and sharing with others. Even though I don’t worry about how I look or sound or getting everything right the first time, I can see how that may be an issue for others. I guess my adventure is another’s nightmare. If you want to scare me, just ask me to go shopping.

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