Day 26- Orthography: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: orthography: spelling; the art of writing words according to set rules.


So, I’ve already gone on a lovely tangent talking about language, but now I’m going to talk about spelling. In past discussions I’ve already touched on the variations of names simply based on how they are spelled such as Annabelle and Esset.

A common use of name variation, purely based on spelling, comes from the desire to make names unisex or turn one name into separate feminine and masculine forms. Here are a few examples: Bobby, Bobbie, Terry, Terri, Tracy, Tracie, and so on.

Name of the day: Ivor Cervant.

Breakdown and meaning:

Before I jump into the meaning of Ivor, I want to focus on Cervant because I played around with the spelling of it. This name is literally the word “servant” with the ‘s’ being replaced by a ‘c’ to make it look more like a proper name. Now, the reason for this will be explained after I tell you what Ivor means.

Ivor has Latin, Welsh, and English origins that are quite different. If you consider the name to be a derivative of ivory, then the Latin and Welsh origins will apply, but that’s not where I’m going. When I thought to use this name, it just came to me. There’s more to the story, but ultimately, the name “Ivor” stands alone and means “archer’s bow”.

Ivor will make an appearance in the second book of my Eternal Curse Series and will be used as a weapon. How fitting does the meaning of his name sound now?  Ad on his surname and you have an “archer’s bow and servant.” Sweet!

Well, that’s it for Day 26. See you tomorrow.


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