Day 21- Label: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: label: simple or short name for a group, category, or classification.


Some names come with labels and some names become labels; I’m talking about reputation and stereotypes here, but I’ll try to be positive and objective. I would like for you to ask yourself an honest question: “Have you ever heard someone’s names and then saw them and thought the name didn’t match?”

Some names are traditional of a particular culture or race, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cross overs. It does however mean that people with negative stereotype projections and discriminatory behaviors tend to miss out on meeting other because of the names they have.

What or who do you think of when you here the names: Jerome, Dante, Leroy, Ricardo, Hamish, and Chan.

Now let’s consider Jezebel. Once a perfectly respectable name, it has since become a label, and often misunderstood one, but a label no less. Can you think of other names that have become labels?

Name of the day: Jack.

Breakdown and meaning:

Jack is similar to Giovanni, discussed in my etymology post. Jack is derived from John as a pet name, which in turn in an English equivalent of the Latin origin of Giovanni. Jack means “gracious gift of God” or also “God is gracious”.

In my Eternal Curse Series, Jack will make an appearance in the second book and will, from time to time, steal the show. I look forward to sharing this feisty character (hint hint, wink wink 😉 ) with my readers.

Well, that’s it for Day 21. See you tomorrow.


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