Day 14- Function: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: function: to operate or work; perform a set task.


I love hearing tales of the past and how, in some cases, things used to be so simple. A man named John who worked as baker would have been called John the Baker, only to later drop the “the” and make Baker a proper surname. This was also the case with butchers, smithies, farmers, and more. To think that people could be given names based on their function in society today makes me laugh. I’m in no hurry to see new generations of John Clerk, Mary Typists, Joe Coffeemaker, or Jane Dogwalker. 😉

Name of the day: Whittleton.

Breakdown and meaning:

Whittleton the name of a family dynasty I created for my Eternal Curse Series and they are the founders of Whittletown. Whittle means “to shape or form by cutting or trim with a blade”. I used my knowledge and love for names based on function to derive a somewhat clever story about a family of wood carvers. In a pivotal transition of my Eternal Curse story, my readers get to take a quick tangent through history to learn of the rise and fall of this family. Incidentally, Whittletown is where my characters Giovanni and Abraham live.

Well, that’s it for Day 14. See you tomorrow.


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