If Brains Were Dynamite by Alec Hawkes

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Book Title: If Brains Were Dynamite

Author Name: Alec Hawkes

Publisher: Independent

Reading Level: adult

Genre: satire

Content Rating: PG

Available Formats: ebook, paperback

Number of pages
: 116

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The follow up to ‘Common Sense Would Be Good’. Expanding on the same theme, the author mocks the crooks and idiots who continue to make a mess of running government while lining their own pockets. Very funny.

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My name is Alec Hawkes, an English chap with a rather good sense of humour. I am in my early 50’s, and have had no formal training whatsoever in how to write. That is, of course, since my school days. However, I love to read and I love to write. My writing style is all mine. My day job is a night job, for I am part of a nearly extinct species, the dear old milkman, unique – I do believe – to Britain. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have a deep affection for comedy, irony, satire, and anything that raises a chuckle or deep belly laugh, or even merely an eyebrow. My own books – two so far, with more to come – are satirical swipes at the political and banking systems in Britain. I am told that many a chuckle and raised eyebrow come from reading my books. My third, which I am working on now, will have a more international feel as I have a ‘pop’ at many more politicians. All in fun, of course, though with a serious underlying message for the buggers to TELL THE TRUTH!

To learn a bit more about Alec Hawkes, check out his special Facebook Interview here.

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