WIP Update 08


I’m not going to keep blaming my lack of significant progress on being busy, even though I am. Life happens and you just have to work with it. It’s not like I’m sitting around doing nothing; I’m just not doing as much as I’d like to. With that being said, I do have a bit to report on.

First, I’ve received notes and edits back for my short story project. After advice and consideration, I’ve decided to keep the short stories separate from my novella (novelette). What exactly is the word or page count for a novella or novelette?

“Unexplained” seems to a work that will be well received by general audiences and will give my fans and readers a chance to see something different from me outside of Eternal Curse and It’s Like the Full Moon. This collection contains shorts of various lengths that delve into the genres of romance, psychological thriller, paranormal, and general fiction.

The novella(?), “The Legend of the Boy” will be a little more tricky. I will have to find a way to market it to a sci-fi audience. It’s difficult to describe this piece without doing a full on promo for it, but that’s coming down the road. For now, just know that, a boy not from this world will have to save the world and destroy it in order to move the human race forward. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s good. I promise.

Second, I have done absolutely NOTHING with Solomon Sword and still haven’t finished that last chapter of Full Moon so I can do my final read through. 🙁 I was so close when I wrote my last update, but…but, (breathe- in a nice calm voice) Life happens and we just have to work with it.

Third, I’m still working on my little collaborative project with the authors I’ve interviewed. Things are moving a bit slow, which I expect, working with so many different people in different parts of the world and in different stages of their lives.

I any case, I HOPE I am able to have some of these projects finished before the holiday season.

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