WIP Update 05

WIPUIt’s been a while since my last update, so there’s a lot to cover, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

I finally decided to look to the future and made a decision about how I wanted my little romance to end. I know who Rebecca from, It’s Like the Full Moon, will end up with. I just need to finish writing the story so I can move forward. This story, after all this time, is still just in first draft mode. Once I finish this draft, I will finally be able to go back and properly develop all the characters and setting before evening beginning to worry about grammar and syntax.

I’ve started to look over my short stories and decided to release what I have. I’m still putting the finishing touches on some of them, but I think I’m ready for the editor. I’ve also decided to make this, soon to be self-published, collection truly worth the price I set for it by including a never before shared novella within it. So basically, this will be a hefty little read.

I have made so many strides in my Solomon’s Sword story that I’m going to leave my next update open solely for reporting on that. I’m very excited about where this story is going…

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