WIP Update 04

WIPUHave you ever been working out a plot twist just to find yourself developing an entirely different scheme than the one you set out to? My current wip, It’s Like the Full Moon, has really begun to take on a mind of it own. I thought I knew where I wanted these characters to go and how I wanted the story to end, but I just wrote in a completely new character that I’d never thought of.

Right now Rebecca is cuaght between the choas of her family, the drama of her best friend, and the affection of two different men…now Alex (maybe) has  stepped on the scene. While writing a party scene for Rebecca and one of her current love interests, I somehow managed to introduce a long lost boyfriend from her youth. If that wasn’t enough, he comes along with his own set of uniquie baggage to add more flame to this romantic fire.

I swear, I really don’t know what’s going to happen next.

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