What do mothers think about reading? #MothersDay

This is a question I’ve asked of my friends and family, but have now decided to extend to any mother willing to share her option. I made a video asking three simple questions and asked mothers or mother figures to send me video, audio, or simply written answers to share with the world. I posted my video to Facebook hoping I’d get a response from those closest to me, but they are not the only ones liked like to hear from.

If you are interested in helping me with this project, you can send me your answers to the following three questions at author@etoithomas.com. If you’d like to see my video plea, click here to view it on Facebook.

1. Why or is reading important to you as a mother?

2. What book has inspired or impacted you as a mother or do you think other mothers would like?

3. If you could write a book what would you write: something autobiographical, something fictional, or something for children, etc…

This is an unoffical Author Insights post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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  1. A mother reading to a child is a special way to bond, sharing precious moments together. Through reading, mother and child lean, discover and explore the world through words. The book that caught my attention and gave me inspiration was Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I am writing books for children.

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