Works In Progress

This is where Toi will chart or log her Works In Progress. Many of her posts may consist of excerpts and updates of these WIPs, but this is where she will show their progress.

Eternal Curse Series: constant work in progress
Eternal Curse 3- title and publication TBD

Sayings Series: constant work in progress
After releasing It’s Like the Full Moon, I decided to continue the stories of Rebecca, Teddy, Lisa, and Paul. Working on Sayings 2- focusing more on Lisa this time.

Solomon’s Sword (adventure): began fall 2012
The story of how a father wields a sword made from a special metal that ends up being the catalyst for changes, good and bad, for generations. Left to his twin daughters, the sword exchanges many hands before the girls are able to claim it. June 2014, completed the outline and a few chapters of this story that has greatly changed. The original idea is now a story within the overall story. Thinking of applying the series title Curse of Kings.

Fanfiction: secretly in the works for a while
Not sure if I’ll share this or not, but I’m constantly working on two of them. One is a Batman story; one is a Betty Boop story.

Chef Jenni: written fall 2015
This is a story I’ve been trying to develop for years and finally feel as if I’ve captured what I want in words. Now I have to figure out how it should be illustrated and formatted. It’s fictional children’s story that should have an after effect of increasing youngsters’ vocabulary.

We are Jardin: August 2016
A fantasy adventure that started with a WEP writing prompt.

Collection of short stories
I have so many I’ve started but not finished and so many finished that need to be polished.

Margie “The Scaredy Dog”
Adventured of a rescue dog who’s afraid of her own shadow.

Dragon | Pebble
These two words keep coming to me. I don’t know if they are a title, a writing prompts, keywords, or what. I do feel like something will come out of this.

What are your thoughts?