The Grand Budapest Hotel #Review – Mock Squid Soup No.17 #cinephiles #film #comedy


Please note, this review contains mature themes.

Let’s recap my clues from last week:

Clue #1– This movie won four Oscars though the lead actor has never won one (he’s been nominated twice). ~ I found this clue on IMDB.

Clue #2– As of March 28th, this film is two years old. ~ I found this clue on Google.

Clue #3– This film has a culturally diverse cast with actors from many different countries, which makes sense because the setting of the film is a fictional East Indian country. ~I got this clue from a friend who later admitted he got this movie confused with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (another movie I’ve yet to see).

If anyone is interested in my experience of watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, click here to see my notes.

This review will consist of me asking myself 10 questions and answering them to the best of my ability.

1. What is this film about?

A girl reads a book, flash back to author making notes about writing the book, flashback to author interviewing supportive protagonist of the book… It’s a quirky mystery about a concierge who battles a family over an inheritance and the shenanigans that take place.

2. What did I think of the title, poster, and or trailer?

I don’t like the poster I found on Google, but I liked the trailer I saw when the movie came out. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see it in the theater and I kinda forgot about it.

3. What did I think of the main character(s) and how the actors performed them?

I thought Ralph Fiennes was great. He’s a versatile actor, but his ability to be serious and funny at the same time set the tone. The character he played was , to me, a bit of an anti-hero. He was vulgar but still noble in many ways.

Willem Defoe was a great villain as usual.

I’m still amazed that Madame D. was Tilda Swinton.

4. What did I think of the direction and cinematography?

Wes Anderson’s signature style shined in this film. I love the scene near the end that looks like a bunch of people are crammed into a small room; the camera rolls out to show a large room where everyone is just standing close together. All the scenes are beautiful even when depicting violence.

5. What did I think of the soundtrack and score?

The music in this film was entertaining. It had a silent film feel to it where the music fit each scene whether it was something delightful or scary. I liked it.

6. What did I like about the story as a whole?

I thought the story was outrageous but not too convoluted. The conspiracy actually made sense.

7. What did I not like about the story?

I could have done without some of the nudity (not that there was a lot) though I guess that’s not a reflection on the story but of the direction of the movie itself.

8. Would I recommend this movie to others?


9. If yes, who? What would I rate this movie?

As I’ve said many times before, I’d be selective about who I share it with. I think most will like it, but do know a few stiffs who just wouldn’t get it.

On a scale of 1 to 5 movie reels, I give this film 5 reels.


10. Was there anything in this movie that could be related to me or anything I have written?

I really don’t think so and I’m okay with that. I managed to write a bit of comedy into my first romance, but this definitely is not my style.

Watch, rent, or buy this movie here.

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  1. Wes Anderson is my favorite director. I usually am thoroughly entertained by anything he does. This is my second favorite film of his my favorite is Moonnrise Kingdom.

  2. I missed your review and I chose this for my May review:) It is such a great film and I just love the style of it. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant!

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