Teen Writing Challenge by Brita Skinner

My 1st ever Author Spotlight author, Brita Skinner, is back for more. Here’s what she’s sharing.

While awaiting the release and the influx of positive reviews (hint, hint, wink, wink 😉 ) for Daybreaker, I am currently holding a writing contest for high school students. I believe in giving encouragement and opportunities early on.

Story Submission Criteria

1. Based on or have Christian values

2. Must be a high school student in grades 9 – 12

3. It must be a non-published, in any form, story.

4. Must be a minimum of 10 pages long

5. Maximum length is 50 pages

6. Submitted stories must be original.

7. Submission may be in any genre.  No erotica or offensive content.

8. Please don’t put your name on your manuscript. Please put all information the body of your email.

9. Each submission must be typed, single spaced, using Times New Roman 12 pt font, in an 8 ½ x 11 document.

Winner will receive:

1. a day with me to work on anything you are currently writing.

2. an opportunity to speak with my agent about the publishing industry.

3. a Free Signed Copy of My 1st Novel “Daybreaker”, pending its release.

Deadline for Submission is: January 15, 2014.

Winner will be announced on: February 15, 2014.

To submit your entries, please email them to this address: authorbritaskinner@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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