Tea and Conversation 10: Virginia


Today I’m sharing a picture of a painting and quote about “tea in the garden”.

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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why Virginia?

Who was it who said “Write about what you know”? Well, that’s a whole other issue I don’t feel like getting into right now, but I do like what this phrase means to me. To me “Write what you know” means using aspects of your own understanding to enhance your creativity.

While my EC: Giovanni’s Angel story travels a bit, the majority of the present action takes place in a small fictional town in the U.S. state of Virginia. Here is another example of me putting myself into my writing. It’s no secret that writing about life in a small town and Virginia came easy to me because I’ve lived in many small towns and have lived in Virginia for over twenty years. (I can’t believe I just wrote that. Oh man, how old am I?)

I thoroughly enjoy traveling: seeing new places, trying new things, and learning and experiencing different cultures, but I’m always grateful to have a place to call home when I’m ready to leave. I think my personal sense of Virginia being home to me is reflected in my book. As the Eternal Curse continues many more places will be visited and Giovanni will make other places his residence, but there will always be one place he’ll return to when he needs to feel that sense of “home” and it’s in Virginia.

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