Tea and Conversation 06: the Internet


Today I’m sharing a picture of a simple speckled tea cup from Pinterest. This is part of my personal collection.

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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why the Internet?

I’ve never met someone online and then ended up in a romantic relationship with them. I have a few people online, whom I consider to be friends, but I have not made arrangements to meet these people in person (some of them live oceans away). I am not an advocate for internet socializing or dating, but from a networking point of view, it’s where the world is and where the world is headed.

I have had more in depth conversations with complete strangers, at times, than I have with people I’ve known for twenty years because of the Internet. I’m not an overly trusting person, but I like to connect on a certain level and the Internet makes that so much simpler. In my book, Giovanni and Mira find each other while using social media, each in search of something. I believe if you look for something long enough, you’ll find what you need.

Mira doesn’t run to the internet for comfort because she’s some sort of social outcast with no other options. She utilizes the internet for its anonymity. Giovanni, on the other hand, is a social outcast, but not because he wants to be or because he refuses to get along with others or conform to social norms. Giovanni also uses the internet for its anonymity because he knows that the world isn’t ready for someone like him.

In the visual world in which we live, a supermodel and middle school custodian may have loads of things in common: from the movies they like, the books they read, the drinks they prefer, and even the clothes they admire. Unfortunately, these two vastly different categorized public personas don’t look right next to one another, so they’ll never meet and get to know each other…But online a woman and a man can both share a pin on Pinterest for a baseball cap, rate and review the same Netflix movie a five, and “Like” a strangers post about having a bad day, because somewhere down the line, they connected.

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