Tea and Conversation 05: Flashbacks


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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why flashbacks?

Much of the background of the characters and the story is told through flashback, many where one character verbally recounts the events. This story covers a large span of time and only focuses on three main characters. If the story had been told chronologically, most of the book would have only included one character, Giovanni.

One reason why I like using flashbacks in this story is because it gives a more personal account of the events taking place. The flashbacks are experienced from an individual point of view.  Since the whole story is narrated by an unseen party, it’s clear that the story is not being told from experience, but rather from history. The narrator is telling a story that he or she has learned about over the years, has read about, and or was told.

Another reason why I like the use of flashbacks in this story is because it offers a break from the monotony of the current struggle. Of course the struggle eventually changes in some way either for good or bad, but until the climax is reached, it’s a lot of same melancholy expression repeated.

I honestly tried not to overuse the flashback technique, but it’s there quite a bit. By using this technique, the reader is able to jump back and forth through time, gathering up all the high points in the story or a character’s life, without having to sit through pages of everything in between.

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