Tea and Conversation 04: Giovanni


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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why Giovanni?

There are so many reasons why Giovanni is the main character of my Eternal Curse Series. First off, there’s the dream. I had a dream about a gray man and for some reason, I felt like his name began with the letter ‘G’. I tried out several different names, but when I came across Giovanni, it just felt right.

Secondly, the meaning of his name means God is gracious. Now, I had no idea of this when I started using the name and completed my first draft. I figured this out much later. Once you’ve read the story, it’s quite clear that Giovanni must be walking in some kind of grace, whether it be God’s or not. His character, as strange and dark as he is, doesn’t make it through life in one piece without some kind of luck or grace on his side.

Lastly, he’s somewhat of a mutt, in the best possible way. There are other characters in the series that are just as interesting as Giovanni, but only he really has all the qualities that bring the rest characters together either through companionship, association, competition, or opposition.

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