Tea and Conversation 03: Why a series?


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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why a series?

I did not set out to write a series when I started Eternal Curse, but ideas kept coming into my mind that I just couldn’t find the time to fit into one book. Making the book a series, gave me an opportunity to complete part of the story and continue to develop all the other ideas I had without so much pressure on waiting time, opportunity, buzz, and or inspiration.

The idea of the story came to me in a dream and the first installment of the story seemed to write itself. With pages and pages of notes to sort through, actual thought and planning is going into the development of the other installments. Even though Giovanni’s Angel could stand alone, I like that I’m able to continue the story, allowing the narrator of the first book a chance to tell his or her own story.

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