#IWSG October 2016: When is your story ready, in case you missed it, & #book drive donations.


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Monthly Question: When do you know your story is ready?


The smarta$$ in me wants to ask the question, “ready for what?” When is your story ready for sharing, ready for editing, ready for publishing? Who knows… I guess, for me, this question is asking when is your story ready to be shared with others, whether on a blog, in a message to a select few, or with an editor in preparation for publication.

This is a tough one. I don’t always know in the same way for each story. Sometimes the story is ready only after it’s been self-edited enough. Sometimes it’s ready when the story feels complete and satisfying in a way that I no longer feel I need to add to or improve. Sometimes the story is ready when I’m tired of working on it. It really depends on the story and where I am emotionally.

And now on to the updates and in case you missed it.

This blog has been through so many changes over the years and I’m not in a place where I want it to change again, but it may have to. Some of the blog hops I participate in are either ending or changing and I’m feeling anxious. My movie review hop is ending, but I’m still going to try to review one movie a month. I feel like the love of cinema is an important part of me and my creative process that I should share with anyone who might want to know something about me from reading this blog. Also, the Question of the Month and Flashback Friday host has decided to walk away from those hops for good and personal reasons. I’ll miss him and am curious to see what direction these hops will take now that he’s seeking replacements. I threw my name in the hat, but I’d be happy with whoever he chooses. I just want these hops to continue. I really enjoy them.

So…now… let me choose my words wisely. Amazon(dot)com and I had a bit of a tiff recently. I’m seriously considering publishing my email correspondence with them as a free PDF download on this blog for anyone who’d like to read them. They are shocking, sad, and terrifying all at once. If you want to know the summary of our tiff, check out the article I wrote about it last week, by clicking the image below.


I mentioned it before and here’s the results. I’ve updated all my books and am ready to release my children’s books on my birthday. If you have a moment, please enjoy my unboxing video.

And last but not least, I’m trying a wacky campaign that may not go anywhere, but since I’ve only shared it with family and friends so far (I don’t count Twitter), I won’t feel too bad if no one supports it. I’m used to my family and friends ignoring anything involving my writing, excluding my mom and a handful of others who are my biggest supporters. Again, if you have the time, I’d love for you to check out my campaign video.

Don’t say it enough; thanks bunches for visiting this blog and reading my babble.


When is your story ready?
Do you handle unwanted change well?
Ever had a tiff with Amazon? Should I publish my emails?
Any thoughts on my new children’s books?


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Eternal Curse Story Guide #Pinterest

I, for some reason, decided I needed to do something kinda pointless in regard to my book Eternal Curse. Instead of working to release the second book in the series, I decided to create a Pin Board about the characters and concepts in the story. It was actually a lot of fun and took way too much of my time. I can’t wait to do one for the next book.

So here it is, the Eternal Curse Story Guide. Check it out.

Click to see more.

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Author Insights 09: I have so much to say.

authorinsightThis is very unexpected, but here I go…Usually when I post an Author Insights, I have a specific topic I want to discuss or an issue I want to address. Today’s post is a bit rare. You see, I’m actually going to talk about myself for just a little while. I don’t like talking about myself, my work for sure, but not me. It just so happens that I have a few things I want to share.

1. Today the kind folks at WordPress were nice enough to inform me that I’ve received 500 likes on my blog. This may seem like small potatoes to some of you, but to me it’s a big deal. For so long I’ve wanted to interact with the blogging community, but couldn’t quite seem to find my place. Then I did a complete overhaul on my blog. I stopped trying to do all the popular things everyone else was doing, because it worked for them, and started doing what works for me. I’m so glad I did. I’ve made so many new fans and friends. Thank you all.

companion guide

2. I recently received my first consumer review for my ebook, 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse. Again, that may seem small to some of you, but to know that at least one person has read it and appreciates it, means so much to me. It really is a cool, fun, little read. A new edition of this book is now available; see notice below.

3. It’s getting closer and closer the end of voting for The Author Show’s “50 Great Writers You Should be Reading” contest and I’m a little nervous. My world will not be shattered if I’m not one of the finalists who makes it into the publication, but how cool would it be I if did make it. I’m doing everything I can to keep from thinking about it constantly.

4. I’m really excited about trying to independently release my short story collection and novella in time for the holiday season. I just hope I can work it out. I’m really excited to give everyone a chance to see some of the other ideas I have rolling around in my head. Unexplained and The Legend of the Boy, should be nice little reads for those who are interested.

5. I’m excited about the possibilities for self-promotion that keep presenting themselves. I spend so much time promoting others that I sometimes forget to promote myself.  I guess it’s just easier for me to shine the light on others, but I feel as though I’ve made some good connections that I won’t be too shy to open up to, sometime in the near future.


6. I’m still trying to get a grip on social media. I have twitter and use it, but I just don’t feel comfortable there. I love spending time on my blogs and I’m trying to engage better on Facebook, though I know most people have had it with FB. I’m not giving up on it just yet. I’m trying to start up some conversations and interaction on my page, but we’ll see how it goes.


7. Lastly, I have a birthday coming up very soon. I’m actually excited this year to not be doing a whole lot for my birthday, other than baking cup cakes for my friends. I know it sounds weird, but I like to bake and like seeing people smile after eating one of my cup cakes…I’m pretty content right now. I’m excited about things that are happening with my book, Eternal Curse, and life could be so much worse than it is now, so I’m grateful and blessed to be where I am. A new edition of this book is now available.

If you found this post to be a bit boring, don’t worry it’s not likely to appear again for at least six to twelve months. If you enjoyed this, check out my FB page. I’ll be making an effort to post more updates there to keep anyone who wants to know, in the loop.

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