#PrimeDay2017; yeah, I didn’t see that coming either.

So, this has been an affiliate blog for some time now. I don’t go out of my way to sell things to people or push products on them. That’s just not who I am. With Prime Day coming up, tomorrow July 11 (sales already started though), I thought I’d share a few of the promotional deals that I’m actually interested in pursuing, especially since I’m a Prime member and haven’t really used any of the special features other than the shipping.

First, if you’d like to try Prime, they have a FREE TRIAL you can sign up for.

Second, I might be addicted to subscription services. I blame it all on Netflix. Once I discovered I could get certain ebooks through Prime for free it got me thinking about a Kindle Unlimited account. Now might be the time to jump on that.

Third, I’ve had several issues with Audible over the years (I’d rather not go over it all now). Needless to say, I haven’t had a subscription in over 2 years, but this new offer has me tempted to give it another try.

Of course, there are all kinds of other promotions going on, but these are the ones that interest me ’cause, well, they’re about books. 😉

Not that this has anything to do with Prime Day, but all my ebooks are on sale today, July 10 – 12, 2017 from $0 – $1.99 (starting 8am PST). I recently had to raise the prices on my print books because of improved interior formatting, so I felt this was a good time to put a spotlight on my ebooks. I have 10 books ranging from fiction to nonfiction, children’s to clean adult, and more.

Facebook event for anyone interested. Open-door.

Lastly, International Authors Day is July 14. Be sure to head to social media and give a shout out to an author who’s entertained you. #IntlAuthorsDay

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Yay! I exceeded my 2016 Reading Challenge! #books #ebooks

Goodreads screenshot

This isn’t all people. There’s so much more to this. If you want to see it all, please click the image to visit Goodreads. This is pretty cool to me. I’m actually proud of what I’ve accomplished this year, even if I did read a lot of short stuff. It’s hard trying to find time to read, write, and go to work every day.

I think I’ll keep the same challenge next year. 24 books a year is a good goal for me.

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#BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, and #Teacher support

Click here to purchase.

It’s that time again when I put my ebooks on sale just before the holidays. I hope these ebooks will make great gifts for someone special to you. This year there’s a small twist. I’m hoping this season of sales will help fuel the giveaway I’m struggling to get the word out for.

Click to learn more.

I’m still hoping to gain some support for the blog tour I put together. It’s really not about me and my books, and hope you will at least take a look at my post to see for yourself what it’s all about.

Click to learn more.

If nothing else, I hope you’ll consider entering my giveaway to support a teacher of your choice (any teacher in the world). I’d really like to be a blessing to some deserving teachers, but there’s only so much I can do on my own. I do hope you find it your heart to help spread the spread about this in some way.

1) Download my books for Free or 99 cents.

2) Please join the tour (it’s really not what you think).

3) Enter the giveaway by nominating a teacher to win.

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Happy Indie Pride Day 2015! #IndieBooksBeSeen -Check out my ebooks #bargain.


While I think this could be a special day for all indie artists such as musicians and filmmakers, here at The ToiBox I’m focusing on the author portion. So today I’m going to be posting a lot on social media, but not because I’m full of myself. Today is the day for authors like me to shine and that’s what I plan to do. Plus, I put out an invite to post other indies too, but that all hinges on whether or not they take up my offer… and they did. See video below.

I missed this movement last year, but I’m on board this year. Apparently this was almost a trending topic last year, so I’m hoping to do my part at making it trend this year. You can help too and here’s how:

  1. Share a post or image of an indie book (with or without its author) and use the hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen (Like this one 😉 ).
  2. Search the hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and then share, like, and plus + anything you like. (Retweets are good too. Visit me on twitter to get started @toithomas.)
  3. Post book reviews and interviews of indie books and authors- don’t forget the hashtag.
  4. Purchase indie books and share your haul on Facebook, Twitter, and or Google+ with the hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen.
  5. Tell a friend (or 2 or 10) and get them to do the same thing. Go ahead and be biased about it. Promote a particular book or author to your heart’s desire. As long as you use the hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen it all helps the cause and is a reason to celebrate.

So there you have it. Five simple things you can do today to help make the world take notice of Indie Authors. I hope you will consider at least one or two of them and have some fun with this day. Speaking of fun, there’s a Facebook event you may want to check out (as well as some other stuff)…

#IndieBooksBeSeen Facebook Event

#IndieBooksBeSeen Google+ Event

#IndieBooksBeSeen Facebook Page

#IndieBooksBeSeen Facebook Group

#IndieBooksBeSeen Website

#IndieBooksBeSeen Blog

And last, but definitely not least, I’ve put together a special promotion for my ebooks, through Author Direct purchase and Amazon.com.


I’ll be giving away 4 ebook copies of, Of Past and Future and a chance to purchase a bundle of my ebooks for $2.99  (see images below)
Legend-Window-front40Day coverSurviveFront-jpg


Go ahead and check out the Rafflecopter below
Both Eternal Curse ebooks are 99₵.

It only takes 1 entry for a chance to win and there are 4 chances to win. Be sure to review the Terms & Condition…Oh and check out the cool video below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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