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Giovanni knows what goes “bump” in the nightmares of his mind; an excerpt from
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, by Toi Thomas


He looked down toward the ground and saw an attractive young woman carrying a large pail into a barn. Her skin was freckled and pale, and she had rosy cheeks. Her hair was long and straight, and it was black like the night. She seemed so familiar to him, but he didn’t know her. Giovanni watched as the young woman filled feeding troughs with water to be cleaned. As she reached for a scrubbing brush, Giovanni could see that someone or something was following her. He sensed that trouble was on the way. He tried to call out to her, but she could not hear him. His voice made no sound. Giovanni left the tree and swooped down to the ground to get a closer look.

There he saw a creeping perpetrator bouncing from beam to beam in the rafters of the barn. Drool slipped from the monster’s mouth while it hovered over the unknowing young woman. Giovanni tried to fly up to see this fiendish stalker, but he couldn’t get his feet off the ground, and his wings would not flap. Giovanni knew something bad would happen, he could feel it in his heart, but it seemed he could do nothing to stop it. He did not understand. Why was this happening? How could he appear to be so powerful, be so angelic, and not be able to help someone in need?

Giovanni refused to give up his pursuit. He pushed his body forward and went from door to door, and window to window, trying to get in to warn and protect the young woman. Looking through a window, Giovanni finally saw the villain’s full horror. He got a clear vision of the attacker as it was leaping down from the ceiling toward the woman. It was the most hideous monster he’d ever seen, much worse than his own reflection.

It was a twisted and mangled troll with charcoal for skin on its hairless body. It had empty holes carved out of its skull where eyes once were. There were two large dull spikes protruding from its hunched back, where it looked as though wings had been violently ripped from its body. Its hands were made of jagged bones held together with rotting ligaments, and its feet crackled as it moved along the floor.

In the troll’s hands were two long golden rods that whipped back and forth like lassos. Each rod was attached to the end of a large iron spike that punched through the shoulders of a young man’s dying body. They were holding up the young man’s body as though he were a puppet. To the young woman, the troll simply appeared as a shadowy figure lingering around the painfully disturbed and ailing young man.

The troll maneuvered the young man’s body around the girl, delivering blow after blow.  The monster had taken this young man’s life; he was using his body as a weapon to attack this poor girl for what seemed to be the sheer enjoyment of it. It laughed a loud cackle as it threw the girl down to the ground, tearing her raggedy dress. Giovanni could see the girl’s anguish and could hear her screams, and he could even feel her pain, but Giovanni could do nothing to stop it.

Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel Copyright © 2013 Toinette Thomas, pending release.

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  1. So far I’ve been able to either read or skim through the first 12 posts. These are the ones suitable for all readers: 2,7,8 ,and 12. For #8, the sample is fine, but it does promote an adult book…again this is simply an advisory for those who chose to use it or are underage. I’ll try to update it more later. These really are some very creative stories for anyone who loves to read and likes things that go bump in the night.

  2. Today I’ve been able to read and skim through a few more posts. So far up to 22, I find that: 16,18, 20, 22 are ok for all viewers. More updates later.

  3. Here’s another update in case anyone is checking. I’ve read or skimmed through #30. Numbers 23, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30 (watch out for the initial blog image) all seem to contain content acceptable for teen+ audiences. For numbers 25 and 27, I couldn’t find the blog hop post. I know scary stuff isn’t for everyone, but some of these stories are scary in emotional ways not just spooky. Check them out if you have a chance.

  4. Well, I’ve almost made way through the whole list. This is a pretty entertaining blog hop. Today I read or skimmed through #36. #s 31, 32, 34,and 35 all seem to be okay for teen and adult readers. I couldn’t find the blog hop posts for #33 and #36. Also, for number 32, you’ll have to click around a bit to find it.

  5. I finally made it through to the end and boy was it worth it. #37, 39, and 40 are suitable for teen and adult readers, while I couldn’t find the posts for 38 and 41. Happy Hopping!

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