Sample Sunday 88: FULL MOON


Here is approximately 100 – 150 words from a randomly selected original piece for your enjoyment. These samples can include excerpts from my all my WIPs and my Eternal Curse Series, but only as works in progress (not the final products). These samples of published and unpublished works are protected under the U.S. Copyright agreement.

It’s Like the Full Moon- chapter 8.0 (wip)

Lisa stood under the porch light and sipped on a cup of coffee as she stared out in the street watching the wind blow the leaves in a whirlwind. It was cold out, but Lisa couldn’t bear to go back inside just yet. She turned and looked through the window at the crowd of people hovering over Rebecca and her mother trying to convey a sense of understanding and sympathy. Teddy had run off somewhere to get drunk, a skill he’d never really mastered. Paul watched over Teddy as he forced grain alcohol down his throat until he could no longer hold the bottle.

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