Sample Sunday 65: BATTLEGROUND


Here is approximately 100 – 150 words from a randomly selected original piece for your enjoyment. These samples can include excerpts from my all my WIPs and my Eternal Curse Series, but only as works in progress (not the final products). These samples of published and unpublished works are protected under the U.S. Copyright agreement.

Eternal Curse: Battleground 7.1 (wip)

Mira and I carefully and quietly snuck out of our private quarters and then out the hotel’s side entrance, as we headed to the poorest and most dangerous part of the city, so we could find the shanties. There we gave an old man a gold coin and a piece of plant based writing material, with a strange symbol on it that we’d been instructed to draw out. The symbol appeared to be the shape of the letter ‘U’ overlapped by three rings. Two parallel horizontal rings intersected at a one-third perpendicular across a longer vertical ring, caused all three together to resemble the appearance of a cross. We were told to give the coin to the first elderly man we saw and to show him the image so that, then, we would be lead to the secret caves.

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